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Recruiter meeting with student at job fair

Recruiting Information

The Career and Job Placement Center is committed to working with you to develop win-win recruiting strategies. We recognize and appreciate your significant investment of time and money to recruit using a flexible process that meets your needs and look forward to helping you realize them.

How to start

  • Identify your hiring timeline (immediate or projected)
  • Identify the position requirements and the personnel resources you have available to support your recruiting efforts
  • Choose the strategies that will work for you

Our five proven strategies for recruiting success

  1. Online services. If you have an immediate hiring need, your best option is our 24/7 web job posting tool, LancerJobLink powered by College Central Network at Year-round, thousands of students and alumni access this system, which includes 14 online resume books featuring job candidates from a broad range of career fields. Advertise your opportunities to both current students and recent alumni in our online job database. Register yourself or let our staff do it for you. Build interest in the position by messaging selected candidates via our resume books.
  2. On-campus recruiting. If your hiring needs are projected for the future, consider participating in our on-campus recruiting events (OCR). These events generally involve just a few companies and can be industry-specific. You can schedule an OCR to coincide with participating in a career fair or other campus events. If you prefer meeting candidates in a private setting, consider conducting on-campus interviews. After you pre-screen candidates’ resumes, our staff will handle the scheduling.
  3. Job Fairs. Unlike on-campus recruiting events, job fairs are large events, involving many employers. Since they draw many jobseekers, fairs are a major source of job candidates. These events provide a vibrant, professional atmosphere to meet hundreds of candidates and build your brand. Take advantage of optional on-campus interviews to continue the conversation with top candidates. Sponsorship opportunities are available for additional brand awareness. From resume critiques to networking events, you can get involved. Let us know your interest and we will add you to the invitation for future events.
  4. Opportunities to promote your organization and industry. Arrange a classroom visit to provide information about your company or industry. Use this visit as a supplement to your major recruiting activity at CLC. Schedule an information session as part of on-campus interviews or Job Fair attendance. Share topic ideas with us several weeks in advance, and we will contact faculty and student groups to inquire about class or group meeting opportunities/presentations. You can also advertise job openings in CLC’s bi-weekly student newspaper, The Chronicle. For rates and information, contact the Chronicle.
  5. Sponsor an internship. CLC has more than 40 programs and 100 certificate options, offering degrees and certificates in industry-demanded career fields. We also offer 48 majors and associate degrees that transfer to four-year colleges and universities. You just might find an ideal candidate for a future job opening!

Build your brand

Employers collaborate with the Career and Job Placement Center with one primary goal – to find the qualified job candidates with the skills and values that will support the organization’s mission. Recognizing that your organization is unique, our staff is committed to supporting your recruiting goals by getting to know you and your organization as a first stop in developing a partnership that provides access to CLC’s candidates and faculty, both in formal and informal interactions.