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Student at Internship Fair

What employers say about CLC Interns

  • We have enjoyed having CLC interns work at AbbVie. Our CLC interns are conscientious and their work is first-rate. We work with them to balance school and work schedules to get a win-win arrangement.”

  • Our intern is eager to learn, learns from her mistakes and takes steps not to make the same mistakes twice. She has an excellent foundation for learning and growing in accounting. Upon completion of her internship, she was offered a full-time position at the accounting firm.”
    Kessler, Orleans, Silver

  • Our intern has an excellent work ethic and has been an excellent addition to our team.”
    Overture Promotions

  • Working with the CLC Career and Job Placement Center has been terrific. When companies need to recruit interns or full-time hires, the Career and Job Placement Center is ready to execute. They have access to an excellent talent pool and run a number of successful programs. We turn to them often.”
    Lake County Partners

Join these companies that have hired CLC student interns

  • AbbVie – Mechatronics
  • Allstate – Business
  • Continental Automotive – Electrical Engineering
  • Disney – Hospitality
  • Kessler Orleans and Silver – Accounting
  • NOSCO – Laser/Photonics
  • Overture Promotions – Business
  • R + D Automotive – Mechatronics
  • Scot Forge – Electrical Engineering
  • Starbucks – Business
  • Village of Winthrop Harbor – Criminal Justice

The list of employers that recruit CLC candidates is as diverse as our students’ interests. From large corporations to small nonprofits, our partners offer everything from short-term projects to career-building rotational programs. The Career and Job Placement Center welcomes the opportunity to build relationships and fulfill your recruitment needs. Depending on the number, frequency and type of applicant you wish to attract, our staff can recommend the most effective recruitment options for your needs.

Learn more about how to partner with us.