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Summary of Brand Components

Brand Attributions

The college is: We teach students to be:
Professional, knowledgeable Knowledgeable
Serious/Focused/Committed Disciplined/Focused/Prepared
Meaningful/Worthy of Value Confident/Self-Assured
Diverse/Multifaceted/Interdisciplinary Respectful and Valuing of Individual and Cultural Differences
Challenging/Stimulating/Intriguing Empowered
Aspirational/Proud/Confident Goal-oriented/Aspiring/Striving for Excellence

Principal Brand Messages

The College of Lake County offers:

  • A superior learning environment, nurtured by dedicated, compassionate educators, committed to teaching those who want to grow.
  • A competitive curriculum, as comprehensive as it is diverse, designed for a degree or to answer a question.
  • A place to build a future, ready when you’re ready to begin or begin again.

Positioning Statement

College of Lake County is a superior learning environment with a competitive curriculum, designed for those who are ready to build their future.

Brand Concept

Empowering Success.

Brand Tagline

Connect to Your Future.

Brand Promise

We offer students a proven path to a better future.  We promise to do this by providing high-quality educational opportunities that both challenge and nurture students. We believe that high standards combined with caring support empowers students to achieve their best.