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Grants Manual

Grant Proposal and How We Can Help

If you have a project idea that may require external funding to make it a reality, or if you have become aware of a grant that you feel meets a need on behalf of the college, your first step is to visit the Resource Development and Legislative Affairs department (RDLA).

The RDLA Will Assist By:

  • Participating in preliminary discussions
  • Locating a funding source
  • Interpreting grant guidelines
  • Writing portions of the grant
  • Assisting with the budget
  • Completing required forms
  • Providing support from proposal construction through grant management

The initiator of the proposal may be the "principal writer" since he/she is more likely to be the expert on the topic. The RDLA has experience and training in the grant application processes and can be used as a source for advice, technical assistance and support with the proposal development.

Preliminary Steps

When you discuss your idea with your supervisor and the RDLA, these are some issues to keep in mind:

  • What is the need for your project in relation to the college goals and objectives, needs and cost? What is the potential impact on the college?
  • What are your project's general goals and specific objectives?
  • What is the specific population that will be addressed by your project?
  • What resources are required - including cash, in-kind services, staff, space and equipment?
  • How will you know if your project is successful?
  • What kind of evaluation will you undertake?
  • How will you continue to fund your project after the grant ends?

You Should Know:

Funding agencies do not usually finance operating expenses - they are more interested in a specfic program that has definite goals and objectives.

If applying for a grant interests you, please read through the attached Grant Manual for more information regarding the college's internal grant process, copies of the necessary grant forms, and an overview of how to write a quality proposal.

Please give us a call at (847) 543-2093 if you have any questions.