Building 617, Room 209
2221 MacDonough Street
Great Lakes, Illinois 60088

The College of Lake County maintains an office at Great Lakes Naval Training Base to give service members, their families and member of the surrounding community an opportunity to work toward an associate's degree. Late afternoon and evening courses are offered in a condensed eight-week format as well as in a traditional 16-week format. These offerings allow students to complete many of the general education requirements for graduation.

Service offered at the Great Lakes Center includes registration, advisement and the sale of textbooks for on-site classes during the first week of each term. All College of Lake County services and facilities also are open to Great Lakes' students.

The Great Lakes Center is located in Building 617, on the second floor. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Services to meet your needs: The Great Lakes Office serves as a convenient link between you and the College of Lake County. The office will assist you in applying for a Service Members Opportunity College agreement and provide information on the SOC program. It will also assist you in obtaining Smarts transcripts, planning a course of study at CLC and applying for financial assistance.

A way to learn that fits your schedule: The Great Lakes Office offers five eight-week terms each year. Approximately nine to 12 courses are offered each term.

Online courses are another convenient option for Great Lakes personnel and their families. By combining a schedule of courses you take at Great Lakes with online offerings, you can complete many of the courses for a degree or certificate without leaving the base.

CLEP and DSST (formerly DANTES) Exams: The College of Lake County serves as a military-friendly test center! Examination sessions are by appointment only. Appointment may be scheduled by calling (847) 689-0199. Exams offered.

Current Procedures for obtaining a base pass: All nonmilitary students and instructors are required to stop in at the Visitor's Center Badge and Pass office located directly to the left at the entrance to the main gate. Students and instructors are required to bring copies of their current driver's license, current car registration, and current insurance card for their car. If you are driving someone else's car you will be required to submit a notarized letter giving you permission to drive their car with a copy of your current driver's license, current car registration, and current insurance card for their car. There will be a roster listing left with the Badge and Pass personnel of all CLC students and instructors. They will issue your pass. While on the Naval Station the civilian students and instructors are expected to go directly to their class, and upon completion of the class directly exit the Naval Station. All civilians must follow Naval Station regulations and cooperate with all Security Forces. Everyone is subject to search, including his or her vehicle if deemed necessary.

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