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Board of Trustees news: Board votes to fund Adult Education program

by Public Relations and Marketing | Published Oct 28, 2015

The Board of Trustees voted Oct. 27 to cover the full cost of the Adult Education program for the rest of Fiscal Year 2016, which ends June 30.

Without a budget in place, the State of Illinois is withholding grant funding for the English as a Second Language, GED and adult basic education programs, despite federal funds for the program being on deposit in Springfield.

The state is holding the federal funds because state matching funds are also required. The combination of state and federal funds normally cover about $1 million of the $3.4 million annual cost of CLC’s Adult Education program. The program serves about 2,500 students each year.

“We’re in an extremely difficult position,” said Board Chairman Dr. William M. Griffin after the meeting. “The total impasse in Springfield is forcing us in essence to be the state’s banker and come up with the funds to cover the program or significantly cut the courses we offer. Students need these courses, and we can’t let them down.”

College officials are hopeful that once a budget is passed, the state will provide funding for the program retroactively, but there is no guarantee that will happen.

In a related action, the board also voted to make up about $454,000 in funding also held up in Springfield under the Perkins grant, which funds curriculum development and support services for students in career and technical programs. 

Student success report

Karen Hlavin, associate vice president for student development, reported that CLC’s High School Alliance is sponsoring a joint professional development workshop for CLC and high school math faculty on Nov. 4. The workshop will feature Dr. Paul Nolting, a nationally recognized expert on math learning problems.

The alliance is working on initiatives to promote college readiness, high school and college curriculum alignment, data sharing and dual credit courses enabling students to earn college credits while still in high school.

The 12 high schools in the alliance account for about 80 percent of CLC’s incoming freshmen each year. A resolution endorsing the alliance is currently being approved by the governing boards of each of the high schools. CLC’s board approved a similar resolution at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Campus security overview

In the aftermath of the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, CLC Police Chief Thomas Guenther presented an overview of security safeguards in place at the college.

Guenther said the college has a multi-channel system in place to notify students of an emergency that includes an email and text messaging system. The campus has been investing in an array of security improvements in recent years and holding simulation exercises to practice responding to a variety of threats, he said. Security enhancements include placing telephones in all classrooms, upgrading campus call boxes in parking lots, installing an electronic internal and exterior door lock system and adding more security cameras. Emergency response exercises have included bomb threat, chemical spill and active shooter scenarios. The college also has established a behavioral intervention team, Guenther said, to identify students in crisis before a threat emerges.

Annual accountability report framework

Dr. Sean Hogan, executive director of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research, presented a framework for a new accountability report that the college plans to publish each year. The report will include data on how the college is performing on such measures as graduation and transfer rates, market share and student performance. He asked the trustees to provide their suggestions for additional measures they would like included in the report.

CLC President Dr. Jerry Weber said the document will be used to hold the college accountability on achieving performance goals. “Once we achieve a goal, we’ll set another, higher goal,” he said.

Athletic tuition waivers

To support student athletes’ academic performance and help in sports team recruiting, the board approved increasing tuition waivers for athletes.

Currently, the college awards 31 annual scholarships to athletes. Over the next two years, the college will phase in an increase in support for athletes and switch from scholarship awards to tuition and fee waivers. In the second year, the college will award 66 full-time tuition and fee waivers.

Tax Levy

The board approved a proposed tax levy for the 2015 tax year of $68,310,804, a 3.9 percent increase from the total $65,748,169 extension for 2014.

The Lake County Clerk will determine the actual amount of taxes to be extended on the 2015 levy after applying the tax cap formula, including adding new property to the tax base. The college anticipates that the tax rate for capped funds in 2015 will be approximately 31 cents per $100 of equalized assessed valuation, up slightly from the 29.8 cents rate in 2014. 

Board policies

The board approved policies on supplemental retirement plans and compliance with Title IX of the federal Education Amendments of 1972.

The Policy 924 revisions on supplemental retirement plans comply with new IRS regulations and set a single plan custodian.  

Policy 934 on Title IX summarizes the college’s commitment to creating a safe and non-discriminatory educational and employment environment and prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender-related identity, marital status, civil union status, age, physical or mental disability or military status.


Under biddable items, the board approved the following:

  • A contract with 22tones/BIP66 LLC of Ingleside for $178,206 for A/V equipment.
  • A contract for $32,085 with Depco LLC of Pittsburg, Kansas, for the purchase of an Epilog Fusion Laser for the Computerized Numerical Control and Machine Tool Trades programs.

The board also approved two non-biddable contracts as part of the Sustainable Campus Master Plan:

  • A contract for $73,904.50 with GE & Ace Worldwide, of Muskego, Wisc., to disassemble, store, reassemble and reinstall a radiographic machine.
  • A contract for $74,208 with RPS Imaging of Michigan City, Ind., to rent two radiographic machines for a temporary radiology lab being set up during campus renovation.

Also under non-biddables, the board approved the following contracts:

  • A two-year contract extension for $217,620 with McGladrey LLP of Chicago for audit services for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017.
  • A contract for $156,000 with Armor Systems Corp. of Zion, Ill., for collection of unpaid tuition and fees.