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Board of Trustees news: Board affirms commitment to Master Plan projects and student success initiatives amidst state budget crisis

by Public Relations and Marketing | Published Jan 27, 2016

The CLC Board of Trustees discussed the state budget crisis and reviewed updates on the college’s Sustainable Campus Master Plan, mid-year fiscal report and student success initiatives at its regular board meeting on Jan. 26.  

“We are deeply concerned about the ongoing Illinois state budget crisis and its impact on the college. We are taking steps to insure that students continue to receive a high quality educational experience,” said Board Chairman Dr. William M. Griffin following the meeting. 

Fiscal Report

College administration provided a mid-year financial report for Fiscal Year 2016. At the end of the December, the college has received 55 percent of budgeted revenues.

Revenues were projected to reach $60.4 million but have come in at $56.5 million. CLC has not received any credit hour reimbursements from the Illinois Community College Board this fiscal year, due to the state budget crisis. The budgeted amount fiscal year for this is $8.1 million. President Jerry Weber stated that if Fiscal Year 2016 funding is not received from the state, this may be the first time that the college ends the year with a budget deficit.

This fiscal year, the college has received 48.9 percent, or $31.7 million of the amount budgeted for property taxes. Revenues from tuition and fees are on par with the budget, with $24.5 million received so far.

On the expense side, operating expenditures are on target, with 43 percent of the $102.8 budget spent so far, $44.2 million. The college administration continues to carefully monitor expenses across the college.

Accountability Report Update

Dr. Sean Hogan, executive director of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research, gave the monthly accountability report. Dr. Hogan said that the college’s enrollment over the last ten years has mirrored the unemployment rate in Lake County. Both unemployment and CLC enrollment peaked in 2010. He also reported that enrollment in CLC’s online courses has steadily increased over the past seven years. President Weber indicated that administration will be reporting to the board each month on data related to student success and CLC’s strategic goals.

Sustainable Campus Master Plan Update

Administration also provided an update on progress of the Sustainable Campus Master Plan. The Science Building, currently under construction on the Grayslake Campus, has a tentative completion date of Aug. 1, 2016, pending negotiation with the Illinois Capital Development Board, which is funding the project. Interior renovations in the current science classrooms and labs are scheduled for August 2016 through July 2017.

The café addition and core remodeling project is on schedule and is set for completion in July 2016. Remodeling of the A and B Wings is on a phased schedule, with the west section of the B Wing under construction through July 2016, B Wing east renovations occurring July through December 2016 and the A Wing remodeling happening January through October 2016. The new chemistry lab addition at the Southlake Campus in Vernon Hills is scheduled for completion in March 2016.

Other Sustainable Campus Master Plan projects with 2016 start dates include the geothermal field pipes and pumps installation in the café basement, new outdoor monument signs with color electronic displays and parking lot 7 reconstruction.

The trustees will tour Grayslake Campus construction projects just before their Feb. 23 board meeting. Prior to the March 15 meeting at the Southlake Campus in Vernon Hills, the trustees will tour the new chemistry lab addition.

Student Success Report

Karen Hlavin, associate vice president for Student Development, summarized the work of college’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). Dr. Ken Kikuchi, a psychology professor who works with student conduct issues on the BIT, and Thomas Crowe, director of the Office for Students with Disabilities, described the team’s multi-disciplinary approach to preventing and addressing student behavioral issues. They also described recent enhancements to the procedures used to report and assess issues involving student behavior and threat assessment. “The focus of the BIT team is enhancing the safety of the college community and linking students to support resources,” Hlavin said.


Trustees approved a new certificate in Accelerated Addictions Counseling and Treatment. The 19-22 hour certificate is designed for master’s degree students of an accredited clinical graduate program in social work, counseling, clinical psychology, human services or other clinical counseling-related field of study so they can become a certified alcohol/drug counselor. The program will be offered starting June 1, 2016.


Under biddable purchases, the trustees awarded three contracts for equipment that is part of a $350,000 National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education grant for the laser, photonics and optics program.

  • $54,804.75 with Zygo Corporation, a division of Amtek, of Middlefield, Conn., to purchase a 3D Optical Profiler
  • $49,713 with Zygo Corporation for a Spherical Interferometer
  • $63,675 with DPSS Lasers, Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif., for a UV Marking Laser

Under non-biddables, the trustees approved:

  • A three-year $74,700 contract with Target X, of Oakland, Calif., for customer relationship management software to streamline operations and manage prospective student data and personalize communication with prospects.

Grants and Contracts

The board accepted three grants:

  • $426,005 from the Illinois Community College Board to cover federal funding for the Adult Education and Family Literacy Grant. The college has not yet received the State of Illinois’ portion, approximately $613,000, due to the state budget situation. The grant period covers July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. CLC is required to provide 25 percent of in cash or in-kind matching funds.
  • $100,000 from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation Green Buildings: Design and Commissioning program. The funds will cover some of the design and construction costs for the new Science Building to attain LEED Platinum certification, the highest certification in building energy efficiency. The building’s innovative energy-saving features include geothermal energy for heating and cooling, 178 photovoltaic (solar) panels, green roofs and rainwater harvesting system. The grant covers Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2016. The Science Building, a state-funded project, is currently under construction on the Grayslake Campus.
  • $454,025 from the Illinois Community College Board's Career and Technical Education Perkins Postsecondary Program to improve student skill attainment and program performance for career and vocational students, including special populations.

Continuing an ongoing partnership, the trustees approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Lake County Forest Preserve District that funds a 32-week paid internship for a CLC student at the Rollins Savanna Forest Preserve in the Native Seed Nursery.

Department Name Change

The board approved a name change for Career and Placement Services. The department’s new name is the Career and Job Placement Center. The center supports a strong Lake County workforce and economy by connecting students and alumni with employers and employment opportunities.