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AQIP Action Projects (2006-2007)

Governance Analysis Team

Analyze the governance system and propose reforms to improve structure, communication and participation.

Project Goals

  • Receive a broad based list of strengths and weaknesses for the current governance system from all constituents.
  • Analyze this information for the purpose of defining priorities and proposing changes that will improve upon four main areas in the institution: communication, participation, decision making, and timeline.
  • Target the institution's ability to maintain collaborative relationships; involve all levels of employees and students in decisions affecting their group and/or the College as a whole; communicate effectively throughout all areas of the College; and accomplish tasks and projects in a more efficient manner.

Team Members

Leaders: Robert Kerr, DeRionne Pollard
Participants: Jeremy Eiden, Carole Ewing, Barbara Fischel, Ditra Henry, Melanie Kessler, Thomas Mitchell, Ali O'Brien, Russell Pearson

Facilities Assessment Team

Conduct a comprehensive facilities assessment of all college buildings to improve the maintenance and replacement of major systems and facilities.

Project Goals

  • Work with a contractor to conduct a comprehensive facilities assessment of all the college buildings at the Grayslake and Lakeshore campuses and Southlake Educational Center.
  • Assess the physical conditions, needs, scope of rehabilitative work, schedule and cost estimates for building and major equipment.
  • Develop systematic preventative maintenance and replacement schedules and provide a tool for developing short- and long-term budget projections for maintenance and replacement of major systems and facilities.

Team Members

Leaders: Scott Allen, Ted Johnson
Participants: Scott Gaunky, Amy Jo Johnson, James W Kapter, James H Marison, Gary L Morgan, Cindy Munda, David Parker, Michael J Ruark, Steven Smith, Walter Weidig, Craig Weidner, Lisa Yanez

Student Advising Team

Conduct a comprehensive review of student advising and create a plan for improvement.

Project Goals

  • Review the current model of advising and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Review other models of advisement.
  • Work with a consultant from NACADA to receive feedback and suggestions.
  • Affirm the current advising model or suggest an alternative model.
  • Review the goals identified by the previous advising committee and determine a plan for implementation of these goals (including strategies for improvement) within the proposed model (either the current split model or a revision).
  • Address other identified concerns (such as the 19th/41st hour holds) and suggest an action plan.

Team Members

Leaders: Janet Mason, Elizabeth Oudenhoven
Participants: Lamont Barrientos, Mary Ann Bretzlauf, Natalia Casper, Sandra Lynn Cosner, Gloria Hernandez, Shane N Jones, Robin S Kacel, Venkat Krishnamurthy, Deborah W Patterson, Gaylis Shakir, Liliana Ware, Connie Wietrzak, Diane Wolter

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