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AQIP Action Projects (2008-2009)

First Year Student Philosophy Development and Implementation Plan

The college will develop a college wide first-year student philosophy that guides the institution in providing appropriate resources and structures needed to support the success of first-year students. Additionally, a comprehensive implementation plan will be developed to address recommended action items resulting from the Foundations of Excellence self-study.

The project outcomes include:

  • An explicit and easily understood philosophy for first-year students that is consistent with the College's mission.
  • A comprehensive plan that consolidates related Foundation of Excellence (FoE) recommendations into various prioritized projects and outlines each of the projects' objectives, timing and resource needs as well as where the project fits into CLC's organization.

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New Student Orientation Enhancement

The main goals of this project relates to developing and implementing mandatory orientation, expanding orientation to make it more accessible to new students and enhancing the orientation processes / tools.

Below are highlights of the project objectives:

  • Implement mandatory orientation for recent high school graduates
  • Create a plan to expand orientation to other campuses
  • Investigate alternative orientation activities that cater towards non-traditional students
  • Review current New Student Orientation process and make needed adjustments
  • Enhance online tool used for assessment of orientation

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Diversity Model/Structure

This project will form a task force with the objective of analyzing various diversity models for organizations and develop a plan to implement the best model/structure that will help CLC continuously improve the process of infusing diversity in the organization.

Based on the analysis, the college will determine:

  • Which diversity model is best for the organization
  • The best way to implement the chosen diversity model through the organization
  • Resources needed to implement the model

The new structure will help the college proactively identify, address, manage and monitor the college's diversity efforts.

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