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AQIP Action Projects (2010-2011)

AQIP Action Project #1: Branding

To heighten awareness of the college and enhance its image, CLC will conduct a Branding project (Objective 6.1 of the strategic plan). Research from the Strategic Planning process and other sources indicates that CLC shares a problem faced by many community colleges-its public image does not reflect the quality of the educational experience offered. The proposed AQIP Branding project would address this problem through work that will include brand positioning research, message and creative strategy development, and production of a graphic identity manual to ensure consistent implementation of the brand.

AQIP Action Project #2: High Impact Courses for First Year Student

In order to improve retention of first year students (Objective 1.1 of the strategic plan), courses that have a high concentration of first year students or are gateway courses for first year students will be identified. The student success rates in these courses will be determined. This information will be used to develop a faculty-driven plan to help target and improve students' success and experience in these courses. This project will support the strategic plan objective of improving retention of first year students as well as continue to build on the work of the Foundations of Excellence project which was a comprehensive self-study and assessment of the first year college experience conducted by the College in 2007-2008.

AQIP Action Project #3: Success of Male Students with a Focus on Veterans, Latino, and African American Students

This project will focus on increasing the success of male students with an emphasis on Veterans, African-American and Latino students (Objective 1.3 of strategic plan). African-American and Latino students were seen as needing improvement through the Environmental Scan. This project will also support the objective of increasing enrollment in college-level programs of student groups including at risk males between the ages of 18-25 years of age, veterans, and returning adult male students (Objective 2.2 of strategic plan).

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