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AQIP Action Projects (2013-2014)

AQIP Action Project #1: Student Transfer Initiative - Phase 1

This is the first of what is envisioned to be a two-phase project to improve student transfer to four-year institutions. The College of Lake County ranks toward the bottom among our peer institutions in terms of student transfer. Phase 1 is a study period in which the AQIP team will identify best practices at comparable community colleges with higher transfer rates, review our articulation agreements, identify gaps, and propose improvements. The team will derive a better understanding of which institutions CLC students transfer to and why, and at what point in their academic careers students transfer. In addition, the team will identify and examine the factors that affect transfer decisions and strive to understand the programs CLC students enter after transfer. Phase 2 acts on improvement plans identified in phase 1.

This project aligns with the college’s strategic objective 1.2 to “increase graduation and transfer rates in accordance with national completion goals.”

Project Leaders: Ali O'Brien and Tina Carpenter

AQIP Action Project #2: Student Success Program - Phase 2

This is the second phase of a two-phase project. Phase 1 of this project began use of new technology to advise and engage students in one mathematics course during the spring 2013 term. Phase 2 allows additional staff to become acquainted with the technology and apply it to a broader range of students and academic departments. This project gives faculty and staff an opportunity to assess the functionality of the technology and recommend and prioritize enhancements. A major part of this initiative is to implement and refine the use of a new software platform, to improve student engagement with faculty and staff who provide support services, to help monitor students who are likely to struggle academically, allow staff to review processes and procedures for referring students to needed services.

This project aligns with the college’s strategic goal 1 to “advance student learning and success” and strategic objective 5.2 to “improve faculty and staff skill level in using technology.”

Project Leaders: Teresa Aguinaldo, Corrine Stoneman and Rodolfo Ruiz-Velasco

AQIP Action Project #3: Academic Standards and Student Advisement Holds

This is a new project envisioned to be completed in one year. The Academic Standards Policy was last updated in 2007. In addition to the 19th and 41st hour advisement holds, mandatory advisement is required for a growing number of students. Mandatory advisement exists for recent high school graduates, veterans, financial aid students who do not make satisfactory academic progress, students not meeting academic standards, and students who repeat math courses. The current hold structure has led to many more students seeking advisement from the Advising and Counseling offices, resulting in increased workload for faculty and staff and longer wait times for students. Due to the nature of these advisement holds, some students may receive two or more holds within the same semester.

This AQIP project team will evaluate the current practice and effectiveness of mandatory holds and advisement, recommend changes to mandatory advisement holds, and prioritize implementation of proposed changes to facilitate workflow in affected college departments.

This project aligns with the college’s strategic goal 1 to “advance student learning and success” and strategic objective 5.1 to “update and improve internal processes and procedures on a routine basis.”

Project Leader: Trish Andrews

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