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AQIP Action Projects (2014-2015)

AQIP Action Project #1: College Readiness

This AQIP project would (1) compile and analyze college readiness research (internal and external); (2) assess internal and external curricula/programs to address college readiness issues/needs; and, (3) study the opportunity, potential, and feasibility to align college readiness with dual credit.  The college readiness program in Educational Affairs has been faced with challenges in developing and delivering college readiness on a large scale throughout Lake County and to date, we have had a customized approach for the limited number of high schools we serve with college readiness programming.  This AQIP project would allow for the analysis of research related to college readiness.  The AQIP team would then assess internal curricula and programs and externally published programs to make a recommendation for a scalable college readiness delivery model to be accessed by multiple departments at the College.  A final component of the study will be to identify opportunities to align any recommended college readiness program with dual credit curriculum.  The outcome of this project will be to recommend a college readiness program that is available to all CLC departments and scalable throughout Lake County high schools, as well as to determine if it could be scalable and delivered in conjunction with dual credit.

AQIP Action Project #2: Transfer Initiative - Phase 2

This the implementation phase of the Transfer Initiative project. The first phase concentrated on researching best practices of community colleges with higher transfer rates than CLC, researching the best practices of universities receiving high rates of community college transfer students, and the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful transfer students from CLC.  Based on analysis of this research, recommendations for improvements at CLC will be offered in the Phase 1 final report.  Implementation of the recommendations will fall to the Phase 2 team in FY15.  Potential recommendations include re-defining the development and maintenance process for articulation agreements and transfer guides; creating a universal template for articulation agreements and transfer guides; clarifying program of study and student intent options on the student information form so queries can be developed to target messaging and advising for transfer bound students; updating content on the website to better serve transfer student needs; and, filling any gaps in university relationships to enhance seamless transfer options for CLC students.

AQIP Action Project #3: Writing Across the Curriculum

The goal of this initiative is to provide faculty the resources they need to use writing to enhance their course goals and their students’ success. Learning to write well is a process that needs to be practiced in every course, where students can improve their overall proficiency and confidence while also learning how to write for specific disciplines. To date, faculty from more than 30 departments and every division have participated in voluntary writing--related workshops and consultations through the program, which was launched in spring 2013. Currently, the “Writing across the Curriculum” (WAC) initiative at CLC is led by a coordinator and an advisory group of 10 faculty, representing every division. This AQIP project will enhance the scope of WAC at CLC. It will introduce the WAC approach to a wider array of instructors in additional disciplines. It will adapt WAC techniques for discipline-specific writing styles. It will enhance support and services such as training and workshops for faculty to adopt and improve use of WAC. It will explore whether it is advisable to establish a college-wide student writing assessment to determine whether students are gaining writing proficiency.

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