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AQIP Action Projects (2015-2016)

AQIP Action Project #1: Governance Structure

The project will review the governance structure as it currently exists at CLC.  The decision-making process and governance oversight structure will be reviewed.  Data collection is expected to study the efficiency with which policy changes or suggested projects move through the governance structure.  In addition, additional measurement points impacting suggested changes to governance may come from studies of communication strategies within the structure related to seeking college feedback on changes, perception of the governance structure and decision making process, and clarity of the structure/purpose of governance at CLC.  Outcomes of the project will be potential changes to the structure, activities, oversight, and processes related to governance and the related bodies within governance such as the senates.  Baseline measures will also provide a means to measure the effectiveness of changes to governance that are implemented going forward. 

AQIP Action Project #2: Reading Climate at CLC

Reading compliance (i.e. students completing reading assignments) is central to student success yet on any given day in most colleges and universities a professor can expect that only about a third of the students completed the reading assignment (Brost and Bradley, 2006).  This project will assess the reading climate at the College of Lake County.  Surveys and focus groups of faculty and students will aid in gathering data on the types of reading and texts assigned, how often students complete assigned reading, roadblocks to reading, and suggestions on helping students overcome these roadblocks.  Outcomes include: an understanding of the reading demands placed on CLC students; a clear, data driven understanding of what interferes with reading compliance in our campus environment to aide with the creation of workshops for faculty across the curriculum in developmental, introductory and advanced courses; curriculum alignment in Strategic Reading and Writing I and Strategic Reading and Writing II (commonly referred to as English 108 and English 109 respectively) to ensure focus on reading skills needed by students in successive courses.  This project might also help gather baseline data for the new Reading/Information Literacy GELO (currently being revised). 

AQIP Action Project #3: A Living Laboratory for Sustainability

The objectives of this AQIP project include the following: (1) Expand the concept of sustainability at the college beyond the environmental aspects to include economic and equity/social justice aspects; (2) Assess current levels of sustainability content and practice in existing courses, curricula, and programs; (3) Evaluate overlap between existing committees or commissions, such as the Diversity Commission, and the AQIP project, and; (4) Develop a process and support structure to assist faculty who desire to include/increase sustainability concepts, content, procedures, and systems in their curriculum and teaching to create a “living laboratory” of sustainability theory and practice.   This AQIP project will build on previous college initiatives that highlighted sustainability as a strategic direction for CLC. This project will investigate how sustainability can be integrated throughout the college into the core practices of teaching and learning. A major focus of this project will be to examine ways in which the college community itself can create active learning around sustainability.

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