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AQIP Action Projects (2017-2018)


Studies have shown that clearly defined guided pathways enhance student success and completion.  Several areas of the college have been discussing the development of pathways at CLC. This AQIP project will 1) develop a healthcare pathway at CLC; 2) research community college healthcare degree pathways; 3) utilize healthcare student focus groups to provide ongoing feedback to the AQIP Pathways team; 4) solicit feedback and input from all primary student support services and healthcare programs at CLC; and 5) recommend the development of other pathways at CLC, i.e. STEM pathway. This project aligns with AQIP Category 2: Helping Students Learn and CLC Strategic Goal 1: Advance student learning, success, and completion.

Revising the Strategic Plan Year 1: Environmental Scan

Feedback from HLC Systems Appraisal (4P2) suggests CLC should review and update its strategic plan. The first step in doing this is to conduct an Environmental Scan. This AQIP project will 1) conduct an environmental scan to determine current population, demographic, and economic trends; and 2) conduct community needs assessments to inform future strategic planning initiatives. This project is Part 1 of a 2-part Strategic Planning AQIP initiative. A year 2 AQIP project will extend this effort toward committing to a new strategic plan through community forums, strategy retreats, review, and adoption. This project directly addresses CLC Strategic Goal 4: Enable a culture of innovation, excellence, and continuous improvement. This project aligns with AQIP Category 4: Planning and Leading.

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