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Greening our Community

The College of Lake County is committed to serving as a resource hub for our partners in business, non-profits, local government and the community to accelerate social, economic and environmental sustainability initiatives across Lake County.

7th Annual Lake County Green: Building a Resilient Future

Join Lake County community, school, and business leaders for the 7th annual Lake County Green conference to explore how sustainable building and grounds features are conserving resources, inspiring students, and building the green economy on April 20, 2017.

Learn about new renewable energy projects, efficient buildings, and sustainable landscapes taking place, how sustainable technology can empower students and connect them with training opportunities, and what available resources can help you grow your community with the new green economy.

Upcoming Sustainability Events

This calendar includes local sustainability events.

CLC Sustainability News

The Living Laboratory

CLC is incorporating many sustainable practices and features on its campuses that will provide learning opportunities for students and examples of best practices for the community. Many new features are being developed with the Sustainable Master Plan.

 Additional Resources

Learn more about resources to go green.


For more information and to post new events, please contact:

David Husemoller
Sustainability Manager
Facilities Administration