What is web accessibility?

Some individuals use adaptive equipment or software to access online resources. How a web site is designed and constructed can facilitate access for these visitors. Design features that improve access for visitors with disabilities also benefit other visitors as well. We have endeavored to make the CLC web site accessible to all visitors and compatible with assistive technologies. However, we are continuously improving the web site as this is an ongoing process.

Accessibility Standards

We follow the Illinois Web Accessibility Standards and strive to meet the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) where applicable. The Illinois standards are presented in a concise manner and reference the WCAG. These standards are also designed to meet or exceed all Federal Section 508 requirements and all WCAG Priority 1 Checkpoints in addition to incorporating a number of Priority 2 and Priority 3 Checkpoints.

Accessibility Features


The College of Lake County web site is XHTML 1.0 Transitional using CSS for layout and formatting. In addition, content is coded with the appropriate markup to convey document structure.


"Skip Navigation" links are provided at the top of each web page to skip directly to the main content. In addition, we make every attempt to keep navigation schemes consistent between pages.


Images include an "alt" attribute providing a simple description of the image. This aids visitors who are using a screen reader, rather than reading the site, as well as visitors who view web pages with the image setting turned off in their web browser. Graphics that are used as design elements and are not meaningful to the content of the page are marked with a null "alt" attribute.

Adobe PDF Files

The College Web site provides access to printed publications (College Catalog, Class Schedule, etc.) online in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Systems, Inc., has improved the accessibility features of their Adobe Acrobat software. For additional information, please visit Adobe's Accessibility website. We are working to improve the accessibility of our content currently published only in PDF format.


BrowseAloud is free software that reads web pages out loud. It can help anyone who has difficulty reading on-line, including people with mild visual impairments, low literacy, English as a second language, or learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Once you have BrowseAloud installed on your computer, all you need to do is point your mouse at words on this site. BrowseAloud will highlight the words and read them out loud.

How do I install BrowseAloud?

You can download BrowseAloud from the BrowseAloud web site:

Follow the instructions on download page to install BrowseAloud on your computer.

Make this website talk with BrowseAloud.

Where can I get more information or help?

See the information and instructions for using BrowseAloud on the BrowseAloud web site:

If you need more help, you can email or call:


Disability Services

If you are having difficulty accessing a College web page, please contact us.

Alternatively, you may contact us by mail at:

College of Lake County
Public Relations
19351 W Washington Street
Grayslake, IL 60030

Please include the following information:

  • Your name and telephone number or email address.
  • The address (URL) of the web page in question.
  • A description in as much detail as possible of the problems you are having with accessing the page.
  • Technical information: Operating system (version of Windows or Mac), web browser, web browser version, adaptive software.

Additionally, the Office for Students with Disabilities provides assistance to insure access to college services, programs, and courses.


Make this website talk with BrowseAloud.
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