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Steps for Home-Schooled Students

Step 1 - Apply

Complete a Student Admission Form

If you have never attended the college before, apply using the Student Admission Form.

Step 2 - Transcript

Create a Transcript

For guidelines on building a transcript, see the sample transcript (PDF).

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. To be considered official, a transcript must be in a sealed envelope.
  2. Title of the school should appear on the top of the transcript. You may use your family name and postal address as the name of the school.
  3. A parent’s signature must be displayed on the transcript, preferably at the bottom. (This is considered to be the school official’s signature.)

Step 3 - Form

Complete a CLC Secondary School Reference Form

If you are currently a home-schooled student, you must complete a CLC Secondary School Reference Form.

Step 4 - Proficiency

Show Proficiency for College-Level Work

Before you will be able to register for most college credit classes, you need to show that you are language proficient and basic algebra ready. You can demonstrate this proficiency by submitting ACT or SAT scores or by taking the college’s Academic Proficiency Test (APT).

To meet the proficiency requirements, you will need:

  • ACT score report showing reading, language and math scores of 17 or above or
  • SAT score report showing critical reading, writing and math scores of 450 or above or
  • Minimum APT test scores of 153 on the language test and 56 on the math test

For information about where and when you can take the Academic Proficiency Test, visit the Testing Center page. For information about preparing for the APT, visit the Math Center.

Step 5 - Advisement

Attend New Student Orientation and Register

If you are seeking an associate degree, career certificate, or will be transferring to another college, you must attend a New Student Orientation.

During new-student orientation, you will learn about academic success tips, services to help you  succeed at CLC, financial aid and how to get involved in campus life. You will also take a tour of the Grayslake campus and complete the registration process. 

Step 6 - Pay

Pay Tuition and Fees

CLC enforces tuition payment deadlines, so it is important to make payment arrangements by your tuition due date. You must pay in full or set up an installment payment plan. If you are a financial aid student, you must set up a “deferred” payment plan, which only goes into effect if your aid does not cover your full tuition and fee obligation. 

For more information about tuition payment, visit the Welcome and One Stop Center or contact Student Accounting. For information about financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office.