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Create myLogin -- New Students

Lookup your CLC ID.

Once you have your ID number, follow the steps to create myLogin.

After you have created myLogin, use myLogin to login to myCLC whenever you wish to access myStudentCenter, Blackboard or student email.

After creating myLogin,

  • you may access myCLC and myStudentCenter immediately.
  • wait at least two hours for your email account to be ready.
  • wait at least four hours to access Blackboard.

About myLogin

  • Your personal information will be more secure because you create your own username and password.
  • You'll have an easier-to-remember, student email address that will include the username you select. (
  • You will be able to reset your password yourself using a new self service tool called "myLogin Management."
  • You will use a single username and password for the myCLC student portal to access myStudentCenter, Blackboard and Student Email.​​

It is very important that you remember your username and password, and that you choose security questions with answers that you can remember. If you forget your username and password or would like to change your password or security questions, visit myLogin management.