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How to Register

You may register online or in-person in the Admissions office (B101) at the Grayslake Campus, the Student Services office at the Lakeshore Campus or the main office at the Southlake Campus.

To register online, go to the myCLC Portal and enter your login; then select 'Student Center' from the left-hand menu which will take you to the student registration system. Click the link for myStudentCenter.

Once you have accessed myStudentCenter, use the menu to add or drop classes, view your schedule, grades, unofficial transcript and many other options. When you add or drop a class, check for a 'success' or 'error' message. Most errors are due to prerequisites not met, or enrollment holds.

After entering your login

myStudentCenter Help and Instructions

Quick Reference Guides

Where to go for help

  • For help with my CLC ID, application for admission or student record, contact Admissions.
  • For help with my student bill, contact the Cashiers Office.
  • For help with myLogin or browser, contact the ITS Service Desk.

Are Cookies, Java and Pop-Ups enabled in my web-browser?

myStudentCenter works in any web browser that supports HTML and JavaScript, but works best with Internet Explorer browsers version 5 and above.

Please make sure that your browser options have the following settings:

  • Java is enabled
  • Cookies are allowed for site
  • Pop-Up Windows are allowed for site

If you have questions about your web browser contact the ITS Service Desk.