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Steps for Continuing/Returning Students

Step 1 - Student Record

Determine if your CLC Student Record is "Active"

You do not need to submit a new Student Admission Form. Follow these steps to determine if your record is active.

Important Information for Returning Students

If you plan to complete a degree, you must follow the requirements found in the current catalog, not the catalog in place during the year of your first admission or attendance.

Step 2 - myLogin

Know your username and password

If you know your username and password, you can login into myCLC and access the student systems.

Forgot your username or password?

Step 3 - Advisement

Meet with an Academic Advisor, Counselor or Faculty Advisor

See an academic advisor/counselor or a faculty advisor for help with selecting the appropriate courses to meet your goals.

Step 4 - Register

Select Classes, Check Prerequisites and Register

Review basic proficiencies and course prerequisites to make sure you meet the prerequisites for the classes you select.

Login to the myCLC portal to register for classes. For more information, see How to Register.

Step 5 - Pay

Pay Tuition and Fees

CLC enforces tuition payment deadlines, so it is important to make payment arrangements by your tuition due date. You must pay in full or set up an installment payment plan. If you are a financial aid student, you must set up a “deferred” payment plan, which only goes into effect if your aid does not cover your full tuition and fee obligation. 

For more information about tuition payment, visit the Welcome and One Stop Center or contact Student Accounting. For information about financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office.