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Baxter Innovation Lab volunteer Day a Success!

Jul 16, 2018

On Saturday, July 14th, 13 volunteers and 2 CLC employees worked from 8AM to 1:30PM on a variety of projects in the Baxter Innovation Lab, including painting in T121, painting the "Cube" area, assembling furniture, and moving equipment.  Many, many thanks to Dale Beutel, Kathy Smith, Sean Smith, Madison Hedlund, Robert Lechton, Adrew Lechton, Brade Lechton, Diane Downs, Chris Clearwater, Andrea Cherubini, Anthony Burr, Tina Baldwin, and Joyce Twardock!  Jan Edwards and Rob Twardock coordinated the event and worked along side the volunteers.  The group did some great work and made a huge dent in getting the lab ready for a Fall opening!

Before - View 1 Before - View 2 Before - View 3 Before - T121 West Wall Working on Chairs Chairs Complete! Working on Whiteboards Whiteboards Complete! Painting T121 - 1 Painting T121 - 2 Painting T120 - The Lounge Working on Tables Working on More Tables Assembling Tables Putting Together More tables Assembly perimeter desks Volunteer group Complete!