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Baxter Innovation Lab
Promoting hands-on design and innovation for students, teachers and professionals.

Who Can Use

CLC Students

CLC students are encouraged to use the lab during open hours for both class work and personal project work. Use of the lab is free for students, however supply fees may apply for projects requiring a large volume or specialized type of material. In order to start working in the lab, students must complete the general lab safety training and have a signed Fab Lab Usage Agreement and Waiver of Liability on file. 


The Baxter Innovation Lab  is an excellent resource for K-12 students. There are several ways to participate:

  • CLC Explore classes - Explore classes and campus provide academic enrichment cleverly disguised as fun for Grades 1-12. Innovative classes that will inspire your kids and are taught by experienced, personable instructors.
  • Field Trips for classes, clubs, teams - teachers and advisors interested in arranging for a field trip can contact the faculty coordinators to schedule a date. Depending on the projects and timing of the visit, materials or staff charges may apply


Business in Lake County can use the Baxter Innovation Lab for prototype work. Workforce Development options are also available, taking advantage of the equipment in the lab. To explore options and schedule access time, contact the Workforce and Professional Development Institute.


Individual community members may use the lab as part of the community membership program. A membership fee is charged to partially offset the staffing and materials cost for the lab. Community members must have the same general safety training and have a signed "Fab Lab Usage Agreement and Waiver of Liability" on file prior to using the lab. Specialty equipment requires certification prior to use, or working directly with a lab staff member.