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Center For International Education

Grayslake Campus, Room B172

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    Resources and forms pertaining to immigration matters, cross-cultural adjustment and other practical issues about living in the U.S.

Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Isabel Vinueza (Ecuador) on receiving the 2017 Susan Smith International Student Scholarship. Isabel is studying Political Science with emphasis in immigration law and international relations. After graduating from CLC, Isabel plans to transfer and pursue her bachelor’s degree, and eventually make it to Law School. Isabel states that that during her time in the United States, she has remained close to her ethnic community, and knows that many are facing legal issues. She would love to work in a position that helps immigrants and their families with basic rights and living conditions. Isabel wishes to thank everyone who donated to the scholarship. We are very proud of her achievements!

Study Abroad Programs

Short-term and semester-long study abroad programs provide students with an opportunity to enhance their understanding of other cultures, as well as their own, and gain an invaluable global perspective.

Financial aid for qualified persons may be applied towards the cost of study abroad programs at CLC. Learn more about funding for study abroad opportunities. Contact Jacob Cushing for more information.

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