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About the Project

Are you prepared for the transition from high school to college?

Do you have the skills and preparation needed to be successful doing college-level work?

Are you taking the right classes to prepare you for college?

The College of Lake County wants to provide information to help families and students from elementary through high school age to help them be successful at CLC or any college. That's why CLC formed the College Readiness project.


Did You Know?

Dual Credit = Real College Credit? All dual credit classes are the same as the classes offered by CLC and the best part is that CLC pays your tuition! So, start today.



"Think about college as an important part of your future. Discuss your thoughts and ideas with your family and with people at school."

College Prep Checklist
for Middle Schoolers

Start Early!

As part of the project, the college has assembled a variety of online resources on this page to help you -- whether you're a parent, student or school guidance counselor. We hope this information will be helpful to you.

Elementary School Tips

Getting your child ready for college

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Middle School Tips

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High School Freshmen Tips

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High School Sophomore Tips

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High School Juniors Tips

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High School Seniors Tips

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College Success Tips

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CLC Resources

Our goal is to help smooth students' transition to college-level coursework by defining "college readiness," promoting communication between the College of Lake County and its key stakeholders (parents, Lake County school districts and students) regarding college readiness expectations and to assist students in becoming "college ready" at the College of Lake County.

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Other Resources

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"Homework is an opportunity for children to learn and for families to be involved in their children's education."

U.S. Department of Education


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