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  • “We had someone to help us every step of the way.”

  • “The program has motivated me to get really involved and keep my goals high.”

  • “It’s an amazing program and the people you meet are just awesome.”

Jump Start Program

For 2017 Lake County High School Graduates

Many students need to take some extra coursework to meet the requirements for college-level courses. Jump Start allows you to complete a developmental math or English course for free during the summer, so you can start your degree sooner.


Jump Start advantage

Make faster progress toward your degree

Successfully completing MTH 102 or MTH 105 will allow you to progress in your sequence of math courses.

Successfully completing ENG 109 or ELI 109 will give you College Reading and Writing Readiness, which will allow you to enroll in college-level English and many other courses at CLC.

Learn college survival tips

Gain study skills and time management strategies that you can use throughout your college career.

Create your CLC education plan

Get information about transfer options after CLC.

Make new friends and get to know all that CLC has to offer!

Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

Lake County High School Graduates

  • If you scored 17-21 on the math section of the ACT exam, you qualify for MTH 102 or MTH 105. If you scored below 17, you may still qualify for MTH 102 or MTH 105 if you earn an appropriate score on CLC’s math placement test.
  • If you received a score of less than 17 on the reading or English portion of the ACT exam, you may need to take a developmental English class.To determine if you qualify for ENG 109 or ELI 109, take CLC’s English placement test.
  • OR

    If English is not your first language, we strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor to determine if the ELI Accuplacer test is the best option for you. The ELI Accuplacer test is best administered at one of the CLC testing centers However, students can place into ELI 109 with either the ELI Accuplacer test or the English placement test.

How to enroll

How to enroll in Jump Start

If you are eligible, follow these steps to apply:

  1. Apply to CLC.
  2. Make sure you are eligible for MTH 102, MTH 105, ENG 109 or ELI 109 (see “Who is eligible?”).
  3. Complete and submit a Jump Start application.
  4. Sign up for a New Student Orientation (required of all new incoming CLC students).
  5. Watch for confirmation that you’ve been accepted into the program and information on how to enroll in a Jump Start class.
  6. Watch for the details of your course assignment in the mail.


For more information, please contact:
College Readiness Department
(847) 543-2030


Learn more about Jump Start

The Jump Start program allows recent high school graduates to take a free developmental math or English class over the summer. It also provides them with support and transition services to help them succeed when they continue with classes in the Fall.

Henna Kittridge, Instructor, notes that the value in the program is that the many support elements that CLC offers are brought to the students in their classroom. Introduction to these support services helps students to know where to get help as they continue their studies.

Nate Sousa, mentor, shares that the program offers a great introduction to the college and a head-start by introducing students to a network of people who will support them.

Sara Nunez, former student and mentor, shares how the program helped her by exposing her to the many different resources the college offers to provide support to students. In addition to the class, the program offers workshops to learn about these support services.

Miguel and Victor Salgado, CLC students, share how the program was motivating and beneficial to them.

The program helps new students who are nervous and don’t know what to do or where to go be confident, excited and happy to be here.