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The following course information is effective for the Summer 2018 term.

CFSP 12 Advance Your Math: Taste of Fast-Paced (Grades 6-8)

Take a test drive in Fast-Paced Math. If you already excel in math, come experience additional enrichment in a class with an actual Fast-Paced instructor. Understand exponential growth through a zombie apocalypse simulation. Explore angles and practice angle terminology in a "Dance Dance Transversal" game. Apply your new angle knowledge to set up a golf shot and design a mini golf course. Use principles of proportions to solve the mystery of a bank robbery. Work through multi-step problems using formulas and geometry concepts (even touch on trigonometry) in groups and as a class. Explore a fun, hands-on approach to new math topics.

Typically Offered: Offered summer only.

Offered Summer 2018: Yes

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