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The following course information is effective for the Summer 2018 term.

GXS 121 Introduction to Gender Studies

This course provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of gender studies. It will explore the varied perspectives of gender and gender issues, including the biological, psychological, sociological, and anthropological approaches. Also included is a discussion of the philosophical, political, historical, and economic perspectives, as well as a literary analysis of gender. The course will also introduce students to potential career opportunities within the field.

Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness

Typically Offered: Offered summer, fall & spring.

Offered Summer 2018: No

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GXS 229 Sex, Gender, and Power

This course will examine the major sociological concepts, theories, and research methods in relation to gender issues. It will explore the development of gender roles cross-culturally, as well as the consequences of dividing society along gender lines. Topics for discussion may include: gender role socialization, cross-cultural definitions of gender, underrepresentation on the basis of gender, gender differences in communication, gender issues in relation to the family, workplace, and schools, media images of men and women, and gender-based violence.
GXS 229 and SOC 229 are cross-listed.

Prerequisite: College Reading and Writing Readiness Recommended: SOC 121

Offered Summer 2018: Yes

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