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The following course information is effective for the Summer 2019 term.

HET 252 Air Conditioning III Installation & Service

This course covers various types of residential heating and air-conditioning service techniques and installation procedures, including equipment selection, layout, duct fabrication, piping techniques, troubleshooting, codes, preventive maintenance, multiple systems, and system accessories. Students will learn the techniques of the service and installation needs of the residential heating and air-conditioning industry through lectures, demonstrations, and lab experiences. The function and operational characteristics of various types of residential heating and air-conditioning equipment, its wiring, and safety procedures are studied. Electric controls including thermostats, defrost controls, relays, and contactors are studied, as well as capacitors, power distribution, motors, protective devices, system malfunction diagnosis, corrective procedures, and the refrigerants used in the residential heating and air-conditioning industry. Equipment selection, layout, duct fabrication, troubleshooting, codes, preventive maintenance, system balancing, component capacity, multiple systems, system accessories codes, and preventive maintenance concerning residential heating and air-conditioning appliances are also covered. This course reinforces load calculations, ventilation requirements, piping techniques, the use and operation of electrical and mechanical test equipment, wiring diagrams and schematics, service manifolds, test equipment, flaring, and soldering and brazing skills. NOTE: Student will be required to purchase basic hand tools used in this and other HVACR courses.

Prerequisite: MTH 114 or higher or appropriate score on Math Placement test or Math ACT score of 17 or higher; AND minimum APT score of 122 or College Reading and Writing Readiness; OR Consent of Instructor

Typically Offered: Offered summer, fall & spring.

Offered Summer 2019: No

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