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The following course information is effective for the Spring 2019 term.

MTH 144 Precalculus

This course is primarily for students who intend to take MTH 145 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I. Precalculus topics include, but are not limited to: polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions, graphs, and equations, trigonometric identities, applications of trigonometry, systems of nonlinear equations and inequalities, conic sections, and sequences and series.

NOTE: Use of a specific graphing calculator will be integrated throughout the course. Contact EMPS Division Office for details. Students who earn a grade of C in MTH 108 must complete the sequence of MTH 122 College Algebra and MTH 123 Trigonometry as a prerequisite for MTH 145 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I. Students with credit for both MTH 122 and MTH 123 will not be given credit for MTH 144. Students may not receive credit towards degree for both (MTH 122 and MTH 144) or (MTH 123 and MTH 144).

Prerequisite: Geometry Proficiency and MTH 108 (B or better) or an appropriate score on the CLC Math Placement Test, Math ACT, or Math SAT.

Typically Offered: Offered summer, fall & spring.

Offered Spring 2019: Yes

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