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The following course information is effective for the Summer 2019 term.

MTH 227 Ordinary Differential Equations

This is an introductory course that involves the solving of various ordinary linear and nonlinear differential equations of first and higher order and the solving of systems of differential equations. Methods include separation of variables, various substitution techniques, use of integrating factors, undetermined coefficients, and variation of parameters. Laplace transforms, infinite series, and selected numerical methods. Applications include simple harmonic motion, population growth and decay, cooling, L-R-C circuits, and mixing problems. Uniqueness and existence theorems are covered. It is intended for students of science, mathematics, and engineering that features modeling and graphical visualization as central themes. NOTE: Computer software and graphing calculators are integrated into the course where appropriate.

Prerequisite: MTH 146 (C or better)

Typically Offered: Offered summer, fall & spring.

Offered Summer 2019: Yes

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