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Academic ESL

The Academic ESL program at the College of Lake County is also known as the English Language Instruction (ELI) program. ELI (English Language Instruction) courses are ESL classes for students who would like to continue studying in American colleges or universities or who would like to practice their career in the US.

Co-op Education

Cooperative Education (EWE) provides students the opportunity to earn college credits for new learning in an employment setting. Four EWE classes are offered each semester. For more information contact: Coordinator, Service Learning and Cooperative Education, Illinois Employment and Training Center - E101, (847) 543-2058. See also: Service Learning.

Distance Learning

The Distance Learning Network links CLC with six other colleges and universities to expand educational opportunities for CLC students. CLC students may attend classes and earn credits offered by CLC and other institutions without leaving the campus.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit at the College of Lake County is designed to offer an opportunity for high school students to earn college credit prior to graduating from high school. Through formal agreements with individual high schools, College of Lake County courses that cover content not offered through a high schoolís Advanced Placement Program can be offered at district high schools. Students enrolled in the College of Lake County course must meet the collegeís academic proficiencies as identified in the college catalog. High schools should contact the Office of Educational Affairs to receive materials if they are interested in offering a College of Lake County course at their high school for dual credit or for a group of high school students from multiple institutions. Learn more about CLC's Dual Credit program.

Honors Program

The Honors Program is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to enrich their academic and community experiences and to reflect the diversity of the college community as a whole.

Honors work emphasizes independence and critical thinking skills. Students can anticipate challenging types of assignments, research with primary sources, increased group activity, and leadership roles in and outside of the classroom. Acceptance into the Honors Program is determined by the CLC Honors Advisory Committee (HAC).

Travel Study

In addition to providing education in the classroom, lecture hall, and laboratory, CLC faculty members also direct field study. A variety of biology, geology, history and humanities courses make the Rocky Mountains, Europe, Asia, or Latin America their classrooms. The class schedule provides information about the specific travel study (or field study) courses which are being offered in a given semester.

Illinois Virtual Campus

CLC is one of more than 70 colleges and universities participating in the Illinois Virtual Campus (IVC), an online catalog of services and distance education opportunities by Illinois community colleges and four-year universities. This includes both a listing of courses and student support services available online. The IVC can be accessed on the Internet at

To learn more about IVC resources, contact Kris Dahl in the Counseling Center at 543-2353 or

Study Abroad

The College of Lake County provides students with a variety of courses as well as short-term international study tours which contribute to an understanding of the relationships between the cultural, economic and political systems of other nations and our own. The college also participates in foreign study programs that give students an opportunity to reside and study in another country for an extended period.

Visit the Center for International Education webpage to learn about the XISU Semester Abroad Program (one semester) and other opportunities.

Online Courses

The college also allows students to take courses from the convenience of their own homes using the Internet. In addition to the many courses now offered on the Internet, the college also offers all the courses leading to the Associate in Applied Science degree in the Computer Information Systems Microcomputer Applications option and for the Microcomputers for Business certificate option. Also available online are many of the courses for the Associate in Arts degree with a business concentration and the Associate in Applied Science in Multimedia Communications.

Please keep in mind that online courses are not for everyone; there are technical requirements as well as the need for selfmotivation, time management skills, and the ability to work independently in some cases. However, online courses have proven to be effective alternatives to on-campus courses for many people.

For more information, visit CLC Online.

Semester Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Lake County is a member of the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs which consists of Illinois community colleges and Illinois State University. The consortium has an affiliation with Christ Church College of Canterbury, Kent, England; Salzburg College in Salzburg, Austria; and Costa Rica. These affiliations permit consortium members to provide their students with a resident foreign study program during fall and spring semesters. The curriculum emphasis is on courses in art, foreign language, history, humanities, literature and music with additional subject areas offered as appropriate. All courses may be used to fulfill graduation requirements or as electives for the transfer degree. The College of Lake County offers other residential international study opportunities, work-study and volunteer experiences through its membership in the Council for International Educational Exchange.

Semester Abroad Programs afford students a unique opportunity to integrate the distinctive resources available in other countries to enhance and broaden their understanding of these courses. In addition to course related travel and activities, students may have the occasion to travel to other countries. Qualifications for admission to most foreign study programs include completion of 15 hours of college credit with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and two letters of reference.

For further information, contact the Center for International Education.

Service Learning

Service learning integrates meaningful community service into a course in a manner that supports and enhances instructional objectives. It promotes a greater understanding of the community while reinforcing concepts learned in class. Contact the Coordinator of Service Learning and Cooperative Education at (847) 543-2058, or stop by the Career Resource Center in the Job Center building on the Grayslake Campus for more information about service learning opportunities available at CLC. See also: Cooperative Education.

Servicememberís Opportunity College

The College of Lake County has been designated a Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) by the Department of Defense and the American Association of Community and Junior Colleges. SOC student agreements are available in many different curriculums offered at the College. CLC is committed to Great Lakes Naval Base personnel and their families. The Collegeís in-district admission policies apply to all service personnel as well as to their families. For more information on applying for a SOC agreement, contact the Servicemembers Opportunity College Representitive at Great Lakes Naval Base Center at (847) 543-2971.

University Center

The new University Center of Lake County classroom building is located on CLC's Grayslake Campus, at 1200 University Center Drive. Other convenient locations include Lincolnshire, Vernon Hills, Waukegan and Great Lakes. Ideal for continuing and returning students, the University Center offers bachelor's and graduate degree programs from 19 colleges and universities, as well as professional development opportunities. For more information visit the University Center of Lake County website.


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