Navigation for Financial Aid Students and the Installment Payment Plan:

Applying for financial aid is one of the ways you may comply with CLC's payment policy. This policy requires students to select one of several options for ensuring that their tuition and fees will be paid. If you do not select one of the options by your payment deadline, you will risk having your enrollment canceled.

Steps for Financial Aid Students

As a financial aid applicant, you must complete the following steps before your tuition due date:

How the Installment Payment Plan Process Works for Financial Aid Students

CLC requires financial aid students to sign up for the Financial Aid Student Tuition Payment Installment Payment Plan. This plan provides a way for you to pay any balance you may owe after your award has been disbursed. The payment plan will only go into effect if a balance is due after your financial aid award is disbursed in late February. If your award pays all tuition and fees, the payment plan is void. If your award doesn't pay all tuition and fees, you will have two choices to pay the balance. You may pay the balance in full (through cash, check or credit card) or you may activate the Installment Payment Plan to pay tuition.


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