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How to Register

Step 1: Determine if Your Student Record is 'Active' at this Time

If you applied to CLC in the last two years, your record is active and no new Student Admission Form is needed:

You are automatically eligible to register. To enroll in classes, you need your CLC ID number to create myLogin, a custom user name and password which allows access to myStudent Center, the college's registration system. Read more about the benefits of myLogin.

If it has been more than two years since you applied or enrolled at CLC, your record is inactive, and you need to reapply:

Please complete a Student Admission Form and your record will be updated. If you are planning to complete a degree, you must follow the requirements found in the current catalog, not the catalog from the year of your first admission.

If you have never enrolled at CLC, but would like to, its easy to apply:

See How to Get Started at CLC and complete a Student Admission Form.

Step 2: Meet with an Academic Advisor or Faculty Advisor to Plan Your Program of Study

If you have decided on a program of study, plan to earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree or Certificate and have 30 college credits or more, make arrangements to see a faculty advisor by calling the appropriate academic division office (look in the college catalog or on the college’s website for your program to find the academic division).

If you have chosen a program of study and have less than 30 college credit hours make arrangements to see an Academic Advisor in the Advising Office. If you are uncertain about who to see, contact the Advising Office.

Step 3: Meet Prerequisites

Meeting prerequisites is necessary before enrolling in many college courses. There are several types of prerequisites that may apply to the courses you wish to take:

Academic Proficiency prerequisites in English language and math (basic algebra readiness) can be satisfied in a variety of ways. See prerequisites for more information.

Placement tests are required for courses in math, computer information systems, English as a second language, and other courses. Information is available at the Testing Center page.

Course prerequisites and corequisites are required when specific knowledge or skills are needed to enroll in a course. See the Course Descriptions for details on prerequisites.

Step 4: Select Classes and Register

When you are ready to select your classes, use the CLC Classes By Term. You will need to specify the term, and click on the Basic Search button. Select a subject area by clicking on the magnifying glass, and then pressing the 'Look Up' button. When you find a specific class section you want, make note of the 4-digit class number.

You may register on the web, or in-person in the Admissions office (B101) at the Grayslake Campus, the Student Services office at the Lakeshore Campus or the main office at the Southlake Campus.

Online myStudentCenter requires that you have created myLogin. Once you have logged in, use the menu to add or drop classes, view your schedule, grades, unofficial transcript and many other options. When you add or drop a class, check for a 'success' or 'error' message. Most errors are due to pre-requisites not met, or enrollment holds.

Step 5: Pay Tuition and Fees by the Due Date

Payment is encouraged at the time of registration. Tuition and fees may be paid on-line with a credit card through myStudentCenter. The college offers several payment options, and if you qualify, financial aid may be available.

Students are responsible for officially dropping courses they do not wish to attend. Failure to pay tuition does not cancel registration.


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