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Mission Statement: The mission of the College of Lake County Police Department is to serve and protect the College community by deterring and preventing crime and enforcing all state and local laws, rules and regulations. In exercising its authority, the department will be guided by the highest standards of community service and policing, acting with integrity, tolerance, appreciation of diversity and respect for academic freedom.  Dedicated to professionalism, the department will engage in continuous training and assessment of the quality of its services.

In case of an emergency:

  • dial 9-1-1 from any campus or public phone
  • dial 5555 from any Grayslake campus phone

Grayslake Campus

Because many crimes are preventable, CLC's police department encourages students and employees to get involved in protecting themselves and their property, and to take responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of others. CLC Police help students and employees protect themselves in the following ways:

  • Providing a proactive crime prevention/community policing program called Campus Watch.  For more infomation, please download the Campus Watch program brochure.
  • A 24-hour a day escort service by CLC Police personnel is available by request at the Grayslake campus.
  • In-house campus phones located throughout the Grayslake campus provide access to the CLC Police dispatcher and the department's enhanced emergency phone system, which immediately traces each on-campus call to provide the location of a caller in need, even if the call is disconnected.
  • After-hour access to college facilities is allowed only on an escorted, sign-in basis, by prior arrangement.
  • An electronic alarm system monitors a comprehensive campus-wide network of panic alarm and intrusion detection devices.
  • Emergency callboxes are located in student parking lots 2-5 and staff lots 1 and 7. Push red button to activate the system.
  • Parking control and traffic enforcement and preparation of accident reports.
  • Motorist assistance with minor problems such as jump starts or recovering keys locked in cars.

Parking Regulations

Parking lots, signage and regulations have been developed at the College of Lake County in order to follow state laws and local regulations, and to provide for the safety of all persons on campus. The CLC Police department is empowered to enforce these laws/regulations and levy fines when they are not followed.

Download the Parking Guide for more information, including parking and callbox locations.

Parking Violation Appeal

Anyone receiving a citation for a violation of a CLC parking regulation has the right to appeal the citation, for a reasonable cause, with the CLC Police department. The appeal must be filed within (5) business days of the date of issue of the citation, or the right to file an appeal is waived.

Appeal Steps

  • Complete and return the appeal form to the CLC Police  (A-151) within the (5) business days after the date of the citation.
  • A date and time will be scheduled for an administrative hearing or to discuss the appeal by telephone.

Lakeshore Campus

During regular operating hours while classes are in session, the buildings of the Lakshore campus are patroled by CLC Police officers.  These are State trained police officers that provide a variety of community policing services and protection. This includes providing an escort service to vehicles upon request.

Parking for student, staff and visitors are available in the City of Waukegan multi-story parking facility located at 30 N. Sheridan Road, just east of the south building. Over 250 spaces identified in bold letters indicating “CLC PARKING ONLY,” on levels two through four (246-299, 300-399, and 400-504), are reserved for the college use. In addition, there are 50 unmarked spaces located in the D-lot (Sheridan Rd. /Washington St.). Only vehicles displaying a valid College of Lake County staff hang-tag, student sticker, or visitor permit will be authorized to park in these spaces.

To Report a Crime, contact the Reception Desk at (847) 543-2191 or stop in at the first floor of the South Building (33 N. Genesee St.) and/or the CLC Police office (S126a) near the rear stairs by the parking garage access.

Other Services

  • Safety escorts to vehicles are available, upon request, during both day and evening hours.
  • MAP (Motorist Assistance Program) assist with minor problems, such as dead battery or key locked inside a vehicle, is provided during both day and evening hours, upon request.
  • Emergency contact service; Crime prevention tips; Lost and found program

Southlake Campus

During regular operating hours while classes are in session, the buildings of the Southlake campus are patroled a CLC Police officer from 3:00 - 11:00 pm.  This is a State trained police officer that provides a variety of community policing services and protection. This includes providing an escort service to vehicles and motorist assistance, upon request. Please contact the Reception Desk at (847) 543-6501 to CLC police assistance or more information.

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