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Students who do not plan to complete an enrolled class are responsible for officially dropping the class online. Tuition and fee refunds will be issued to eligible students based upon the effective date of withdrawal, which is recorded in the system at the time the student drops the class.

Students who stop attending class, but do not officially drop, remain responsible for all tuition/fees for the class. It is not sufficient to tell an instructor or counselor that you want to drop a class, you must complete the drop/withdrawal action yourself. The official deadline for dropping or for withdrawing are defined individually for each class.

Refund Schedule

To check the deadline dates, log on to myStudentCenter and choose 'My Class Schedule'. When your schedule appears, click on the calendar icon next to the class, and the deadline dates will be displayed. These dates are also displayed in the schedule of classes. If you are not sure of the deadlines, please check with the Office of Admissions and Records at (847) 543-2061.

  • Withdrawal on or before start of class = 100 percent refund
  • Withdrawal before 15 percent of class days pass = 100 percent refund
  • Withdrawal after 15 percent of class days pass = no refund

One-day and "Series" Classes:

  • Withdrawal the day before class = 100 percent refund
  • Withdrawal on or after day of class = no refund

A full refund of tuition and fees is granted if the College cancels a class.

When academically advisable, the administration may approve full or partial refunds of tuition or fees when students exchange one course for another.

When a student is unable to attend class due to uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances such as extended hospitalization, a prorated tuition and fee refund may be made based upon a documented appeal. The appeal form may be obtained at the cashiers' window.

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