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Students are responsible for being officially registered in classes they attend. Registration must be completed before or during the term of enrollment (see late registration policy, below).

Students may register on line at myStudentCenter or in-person in the Office of Admissions and Records (B101) on the Grayslake Campus, or the Student Services Office at the Lakeshore Campus in Waukegan, or the Southlake Educational Center in Vernon Hills. If you experience difficulty registering, or receive an 'error' message when registering, please call the Office of Admissions and Records. We encourage all students to manage their enrollment activity directly, but will be happy to assist you if needed.

Late Registration

The College of Lake County strictly enforces its policy that students may not register for a class after it has begun. The policy states that the final day to enroll is midnight of the first day of each class. After that first day, late enrollment will only be allowed under extraordinary circumstances if approved by the dean of the division for the class. However NO late registration (for classes already in session) will be allowed after the Financial Aid Census date (see Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines).

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Class

The official deadlines for dropping or for withdrawing are defined individually for each class. To check the deadline dates, log on to myStudentCenter and choose 'My Class Schedule'. When your schedule appears, click on the calendar icon next to the class, and the deadline dates will be displayed. These dates are also displayed in the schedule of classes.

The official drop deadline is the last date to drop with no record of the class on your transcript. This date is specific for each class and is at a point when approximately 15% of the class length has passed (after the 2nd week in a 16 week class).

The official withdrawal deadline is the last day to withdraw with a grade of 'W' on your transcript. This date is specific for each class and is at a point when approximately 68% of the class length has passed (after the 10th week in a 16 week class).

Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes they do not intend to complete. If you do not officially drop or withdraw, you will be responsible for all tuition and fees, even if you stop attending. You may drop a class on-line or in the Office of Admissions and Records. It is not sufficient to tell an instructor or counselor that you want to drop a class, you must complete the drop/withdrawal action yourself. If you are not sure of the deadlines, please contact the Office of Admissions and Records.

Withdrawal Procedure if Called to Active Duty Deployment

The College of Lake County is committed to streamlining the withdrawal process for our veterans, military personnel and their spouses who have been deployed or called to active duty. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition for the student so that they can focus on their deployment orders. In order to begin the process, students will need to complete a Withdrawal Request for Active Duty Deployment form and follow the instructions on the form.

Students called to active military service during or after the fall 2005 semester may complete any unfinished courses at a later date at no additional charge, unless course credit has already been given or a full refund was received upon withdrawing from the course. Students should contact the Business Office to complete a Student Receivable Account Adjustment form in order to have the course charges waived.

Students Who Stop Attending Without Dropping Classes

Students who stop attending class but do not officially drop the class will be withdrawn by the institution using the midterm as the date of last attendance. The instructor will assign a withdrawal grade appropriate for the specific situation, and students will remain responsible for all tuition and fees charged for the class. Withdrawal grades are:

  • WN - Withdrawal, never attended
  • WS - Withdrawal, stopped attending
  • WF - Withdrawal, stopped attending and failing. The WF grade counts in the GPA.

Reinstatement after Drop for Non-Payment

Students who do not pay (or make appropriate arrangements to pay) tuition and fees by their due date are subject to being dropped from all classes for non-payment. The dates for the 'Drop for Non-Payment' are publicized in the Schedule of Classes. The College will attempt to notify students who were dropped by this process, but it remains the responsibility of the student to check enrollment status if they fail to pay by the due date.

Students who are dropped by the process before the term starts are eligible to re-enroll in the same classes if seats are available. They must pay before the new due date assigned. Students may not attend classes if they are not officially enrolled.

Students who are dropped by the process after the term has started may be reinstated during a defined period immediately following the drop process. Once the reinstatement period has ended, NO further reinstatements will be allowed. Students who continue to attend classes from which they were dropped and who have not been officially reinstated will not earn credit for the class.

Reinstatement after Voluntary Withdrawal

Students who voluntarily withdraw from classes and subsequently request to be re-enrolled must present compelling reasons for reinstatement. Consult the Office of Admissions and Records for procedures.

Switching Sections After the Start of Class

Students who wish to change sections after the classes have started must contact the academic division of the course and fill out a section change request form. If approved by the instructor and dean, the Office of Admissions and Records will process the change. It is important that the student follow this procedure. Simply dropping one class section and then attending a different section without being officially enrolled will not guarantee the late enrollment will be approved.

Privacy Statement

College policy strictly limits the release of student information. For this reason, not all services are available via e-mail or by phone.

Change of Program of Study

Changes to your program of study can be made by filling out a Change of Program of Study form and submitting it to the Admissions and Records Office (B101). Any changes to your program of study should be planned with your counselor or advisor. If you are unsure of your program of study or degree objective, contact the Counseling Office for assistance. The deadline for changing your program of study for the current academic term is the midterm date of the term. Any change requests received after the midterm date will be changed effective the start date of the next academic term.


In order to graduate, a student must submit a Petition for Graduation to the Office of Admission and Records. The form can be completed online or picked up from the Office of Admissions and Records, Grayslake Campus, Room B101. This form must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records no later than four weeks after the start of the semester in which the student intends to receive a degree or certificate (two weeks for the summer term). The student's records are reviewed and the student is notified of his or her eligibility to obtain a degree. Working in conjunction with the College's Graduation Committee, the Office coordinates commencement which is held once each year in May for petitioners of the fall, spring, and summer term of the academic year.

Overload Requests

The maximum number of credit hours a student in good standing may take is 18 hours in Fall/Spring or 9 in summer (including intersession). Under certain circumstances a student may receive permission to carry a heavier load. You must speak with a Counselor if you wish to take an overload.

The policies on this website are accurate as of the time of publication. Changes may be made from time to time and this site will be updated as expeditiously as possible. Students are responsible for abiding by all policies and deadlines published in the College Catalog and the Class Schedule. 5/15/2008


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