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Academic Proficiency Test (APT) Study Guide

This study guide is intended to prepare you for the types of questions you will encounter on this computerized academic proficiency test. This guide is NOT representative of specific test questions, and is designed only to be used as a tool for familiarization with the format that the test questions will follow.

This is an adaptive test. Questions are chosen for the individual student on the basis of previously answered questions. This testing method allows the computer to give the student questions that are neither too easy nor too hard while limiting the test to the smallest possible number of questions. It also means that different students will be given different questions. Since this basic skills test adapts its questions automatically to individual ability levels, some questions you encounter on the test may be easier than those in this guide, and some may be more difficult. There is no time limit on the test.

No computer knowledge is required to take the test. Thorough instructions on the screen guide the student through each step of the test. Only three keys are used: the spacebar, the enter key and F1 for help.


All books listed below are located in the LAC Math Center and Writing Center. They are NOT IN THE LRC COLLECTION ON THE SECOND FLOOR.


  • How to Prepare for the ACT (see the Usage/Mechanics with Practice Exercises section — Punctuation, Basic Grammar and Usage, Sentence Structure)
    Library catalog number: LAC LB 2353.48 .B37


  • Elementary Algebra: Lecture - Lab, Arthur H. Heywood
    Library catalog number : LAC QA 152 .H49
  • Mastering Mathematical Concepts, by Yamato and Cordon. 1986
    Library catalog number: LAC QA 43 .Y25
  • How to Solve Word Problems in Algebra - A Solved Problem Approach, by Mildred Johnson
    Library catalog number: LAC QA 157 .J7
    (also available for purchase in CLC Bookstore)

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