About the Program

Yvonne Block, Administrative Office Systems instructor, introduces the program. "The Administrative Office Systems program at the College of Lake County offers essential skills that are needed everywhere. Our students learn valuable skills in keyboarding, document formatting, word processing and desktop publishing. Obtaining those software skills is so important for students because they are in high demand for jobs today. Weíre always looking for whatís out there and being used in the market and we bring that to our classroom."

About the Instructors

Yvonne Block highlights the instructors and facilities. "We have excellent instructors who are very knowledgeable and up-to-date in their content area. We have excellent facilities in our technology building. We have the latest software. We really know what employers are looking for."

Veronica Fitts, Administrative Office Systems student, describes the faculty. "People here are really friendly. Our instructors are very nice; they are always willing to help."

Yvonne Block shares her teaching experience. "When I instruct a class Iím really looking into the faces of the students to make sure they understand the content of what I am presenting."

Confident and Prepared for First Jobs

Veronica Fitts explained, "She really helped me to have confidence writing business letters and all these texts Iíll be using in my job."

Yvonne Block concludes, "Iím just excited about the program and I think our students are excited once they enter the program also. Sometimes we have students who start with one class, and then they just continue taking classes and classes because they have so much fun in our program. Before they know it, they feel confident and they are eager to go out there and start their first position after they graduate."

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