CLC Foundation: Staff, Board and Ambassadors

Leading the work of the CLC Foundation is a board of directors that includes business and community representatives, two ex officio members of the College of Lake County board of trustees and Foundation staff members, employed by the college.

A Board of Ambassadors also serves as ombudspersons, helping to tell the Foundation story in the community.

Foundation Staff

Foundation Scholar

2011 Foundation Scholarship Recognition Event

Scholarship winner Marcia M. Jackson-Cunningham and her grandson, Stefon, visited with Deanna and Jerry Hinkley, CLC retirees and sponsors of the Hinkley Scholarship for Returning Adults. Marcia won the Hinkley scholarship as well as career and diversity scholarships. She graduates in 2012 with an A.A.S. in Hospitality and Culinary Management, and her dream is to open a Jamaican restaurant.

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Board of Directors

  • Kathryn M. Allen
    VP Major Gifts
  • Dale E. Barina
  • Phillip L. Batchelor
  • Brandon Bennett
    VP Board Development
  • Tyrone Burno
    Asst. VP Grants & Scholarships
  • Philip J. Carrigan, Ph.D.
  • Linda S. Dunn
  • David Galla
  • Judy Haga
    VP Cultural
  • Robert W. Hauswirth
  • Darrell A. Katz
  • Holly Kerr
    VP Grants & Scholarships
  • Timothy B. Klein
    Treasurer, VP Finance
  • Peter P. Krupczak
  • Terry Link
  • Robert Lossmann
  • David M. Lutrey
  • Joseph Massarelli
  • Ed Oilschlager
  • Carol L. Passalaqua
    Immediate Past President
    Co-Chair Scholarhip Campaign
  • Christopher Piazzi
    1st VP, President-Elect
  • Ben Randazzo
    Co-Chair Scholarship Campaign
  • Barbara Richardson
  • Joanna Rolek
  • J. Kenneth Rosko
    Asst. VP Major Gifts
  • Fred Scheu
  • Sandra Shinksy
  • Amy Spitzer
    VP Community Relations/Outreach
  • Bill Tate
  • Lisa Dooley Trace
  • Michael S. Trimble
  • Sam Valenti
  • Bob Werdan
  • Bryan Winter
  • Robert R. Worobow
  • Jannes E. Zobus
    VP Special Events

CLC Board of Trustees Liaisons

  • Dr. William Griffin
  • Phil Carrigan, Ph.D.

The Board of Ambassadors

  • David Agazzi
    College of Lake County
  • Kathryn M. Allen
    Allen Investments
  • Dr. Denise Anastasio
    Retired, College of Lake County
  • Rich Babjak
    World Equity Group, Inc.
  • Connie Bakker
    Retired, College of Lake County
  • Brandon Bennett
  • Paul Blumberg
    Mesirow Finance
  • Philip J. Carrigan, Ph.D.
  • Ed Duffy
  • Dr. Richard J. Haney
    College of Lake County
  • Lourdene Huhra
    College of Lake County
  • Joseph J. Legat
    Legat Architects
  • Peggy McClain
  • Dr. Nancy C. McNerney
    Retired, College of Lake County
  • Dick Morehead
  • Carol Passalaqua
    Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Barbara Richardson
    Retired, Lake County Coroner
  • James D. Rock
    Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni Krafthefer, P.C.
  • J. Kenneth Rosko
    JKR Financial Consultants, Ltd.
  • Tom Schwartz
    Retired, First Midwest Bank
  • Dolores Spapperi
  • Doug Taveirne
    Dam, Snell and Taveirne, Ltd.
  • Sam Valenti
    Sunrise Web Solutions, Inc.
  • Dr. Jerry W. Weber
    College of Lake County

Board Ex-Officio Members

  • Dr. Jerry W. Weber
  • Karen L. Schmidt
    Executive Director Foundation
  • Julie B. Shroka
    Director Alumni Relations & Spec Events
  • Beverly H. Hubbard
    Development Officer Foundation

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