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The College of Lake County Foundation Scholarship Campaign

Education Changes Everything

When you invest in educational opportunity, you are helping to change lives, grow the local economy and create a stronger community.

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From the Campaign Leadership

More than 40 years ago, the voters of Lake County made a decision to invest in opportunity by creating the College of Lake County. They understood that a college education builds a stronger future, both for individuals and the community as a whole. Read more from the Campaign Leadership letter (PDF).

Why is Supporting CLC and its Students a Good Investment?

When you support the College of Lake County by donating to the CLC Foundation, you contribute to the well-being of your community. Consider, for example, these facts based on an analysis of the economic impact of the College of Lake County conducted by Northern Illinois University’s Center for Government Studies in 2007:

  • CLC adds skills to the workforce and boosts the competitiveness of local businesses. Eight out of 10 area employers hired a CLC student in the last 10 years. Four out of 10 workers took a CLC credit course in the last 10 years.
  • CLC adds to the earning power of students. CLC graduates can expect to increase their lifetime earnings by 33.6 percent more than if they had not completed their program of study.
  • CLC graduates pay millions of dollars in local, state and federal taxes. CLC students who were enrolled in 1995 paid an estimated $139 million in state taxes and $536 million in federal taxes in the previous 10 years.

Why You Should Support Changing Lives

Because, today, access to college is essential. It used to be that a high school diploma was all that was needed to support a middle class lifestyle. Not so today. Without completing at least some college, today’s young people won’t have the higher-level skills they will need to move much beyond minimum wage jobs. And even in tough economic times, the benefits of college remain true. The more education you have, the more you will likely earn and the less likely you will be to become unemployed.

Because many students can’t even afford CLC’s lower-cost tuition. Though about one in four of our students receives some form of financial aid, often it is not enough. On average, financial aid and family support runs short of meeting students’ basic living expenses by about $2,300 per year. For the poorest of our financial aid students, staying in school is a constant financial battle. In a district with a median household income of nearly $80,000, these students have an annual family income of under $23,000.

Because educated minds are our greatest resource. Access to college isn’t just important to individual lives. It’s also essential to the vitality of our local community and economy. CLC graduates, for example, generate millions of dollars in local, state and federal tax revenues, and they support schools, businesses and other vital community services. And CLC graduates comprise a skilled local workforce—an essential asset for employers in a global economy in which human capital is the competitive edge.

Because at CLC your donation can go so far. Because tuition at the College of Lake County is so much lower than at a university, your donation can have a wider reach, helping more students. Think about it this way: one or several donations totaling $10,000 can pay for the annual tuition of three students at CLC. At a public university, that amount would support just one student!

Together, we can create life-changing opportunities for both our students and our community!

2011 Foundation Scholarship video. Video transcript (rtf)

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Message from the President (PDF)

CLC President Jerry Weber asks for your support of the campaign.

Opportunities to Invest in Changing Lives

Your donation to Changing Lives can go to scholarships in general, a specific scholarship or other CLC institutional needs.

CLC Helping Students

The College of Lake County provides students with a life-changing path from dreams to bright futures.

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