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Agent Complaints

American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) sets standards and accreditation model for international student placement in the U.S.

ICEF, the industry’s largest agent department, has a strict, comprehensive, agent quality screening process for agents serving educational sectors.

Process for Student Complaint about Agents


The purpose of this document is to explain the appropriate use of the student complaint form and the process used to resolve the student complaint. The college provides the right to investigate the complaint.

The student complaint form is designed to address complaints related to agents such as:

  • Handling of the student’s application, process, or records as it pertains to enrollment at College of Lake County
  • Concerns of fraudulent information, financial issues or misrepresentation of College of Lake County
  • Other areas of concern by the student while being enrolled at CLC

Written Complaint

The Student Complaint Form (PDF) must contain the following:

  1. Student name and/or student ID number, if available
  2. Description and name/location of the Agent who is the subject of the complaint
  3. Semester student arrived after working with the agent if applicable
  4. Description and date of the complaint
  5. What resolution the student would like to see

Complaint Process

After the student submits the Student Complaint Form (PDF), the student will be notified within two working days and an investigation will take place.

A staff member in the Center for International Education or the Dean of Enrollment Services will contact the following:

  1. American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) if the agent subject to the complaint is an AIRC certified agent.

    According to the AIRC Certification Standards Manual, 2.4 Accountability, the agency takes full responsibility for ensuring compliance with AIRC standards with any sub-agents, franchisees, or other persons employed or contracted by the agent to transact the whole, or part of the student recruitment process. AIRC Certification Standards Manual, 5.0 Complaints Process, the agency has an internal mechanism for processing complaints and making necessary changes in the nature of recruiting services as needed.

    AIRC staff will start the investigation with the agency and work with CLC on the resolution.

  2. ICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs) if the agent subject to the complaint is an ICEF certified agent. ICEF has its own mechanism for responding to complaints and will investigate the agency subject to the complaint.

    ICEF will work with CLC on the resolution.

  3. Agents not part of AIRC or ICEF will be contacted directly by CLC to start the investigation into the matter.


CLC will collect all communication with the student/agent in regards to the complaint. Any other supporting documents may also be added to the file. A resolution to the complaint will be documented.

Informing the student/agent

The student will be informed of any resolution or action taking place on behalf of College of Lake County.

The agent will be informed of any resolution or action taking place on behalf of College of Lake County which could include terminating an agreement, not generating a payment fee per the agreement or working with AIRC/ICEF to further mediate a resolution.

Students not satisfied with the resolution may file a grievance and appeal the investigation with the Vice President of Student Development and the Student Conduct office at CLC. The Student Concern Form can be found in the myCLC portal.

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