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Hometown: India

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate in Science 

Field of Study: Pharmacy

Transfer School: Roosevelt University

Abdul Vaajid Rehmani

What year did you attend CLC? I transferred to CLC from University of Bridgeport in Connecticut in 2010 and I completed the Associate in Art with pre-requisite courses for pharmacy school. My major was biology, as initially I was planning to transfer to University of Illinois at Chicago for undergrad. However, I was also taking pre-dental, pre-med and pre-pharmacy courses since they were quite similar.

What did you find most exciting/challenging about pursuing your college goals? Applying to pharmacy schools was a challenging process, as most of the schools in Illinois require you to have a bachelor’s degree (even though it’s not a requirement) and also experience in the field of pharmacy. I initially applied in 2011, but due to lack of experience in pharmacy I wasn't accepted. So I took a year off and got my pharmacy technician license, got certified and applied to every single pharmacy in northern suburbs. I eventually landed a position at CVS Pharmacy in Round Lake. This was great, as it allowed me to know my strengths, polish them and work on my weaknesses. On the next application cycle I was prepared, I applied to a lot of schools in multiple states and finally selected Roosevelt University due to its fast track three year pharmacy program, which is now the only three-year accredited program in the Midwest.

How did CLC help you get to where you are? College of Lake County provided me with the qualities I will develop into being a pharmacist. I have held three different positions at CLC, such as computer lab technician, student activities organizer and peer mentor. The CLC peer mentoring program was amazing, both for seniors and freshmen. The program was tremendously beneficial for me, as I had the opportunity to follow and assist almost 30 different students. It helped me develop the leadership qualities that a pharmacist needs.

What did I like most about CLC? I felt I was a part of family and not just a random student. It has a great teacher to student ratio, professors are even better that the ones in my doctorate program and the student activities division is so involved in community service by engaging student to explore their talents. Most importantly, ALL students are provided the tools to succeed in future. As an international student, away from my family, CLC was my home away from home.

Favorite memory of CLC? Getting to know some fantastic people, such as Susan Smith. She was a phenomenal person and a great support system for any international student. My first job ever was at the computer library with Hector De Leon as my supervisor. He was the best boss I ever had, and I made many friends. The College of Lake County is an integral part of my personality. I developed communication and interaction skills that have been vital for my career as pharmacist.