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Home country: Germany. Currently lives in Vernon Hills.

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate in Arts.

Field of Study: Business administration.

Angelo Schulz

What are your future educational and career goals? My absolute biggest goal at the moment is to complete a degree in business. After that, I want to start a career that involves the stock market, for example a financial analyst. But I want to do more than just start a career. One of my biggest ambitions was always to help people. One of my goals is to help homeless people find a job and teach them certain skills.

What do you find most exciting about pursuing your college goals? I’m a very dedicated student and I like to learn and make myself more productive. In the past few years I have liked school more and more and as a result, I dedicated more hours to it. This helped me to improve my grades and my willingness to work on my career. Besides the work in school, I’m teaching myself many other things such as French and programming languages such as Java and C++ but also markup languages like HTML.

Why did I choose CLC? It was cheaper than many other colleges and I still am able to transfer to a four-year institution. From all the community colleges that I was applying to, the College of Lake County was the most responsive, they replied to my emails very quickly and they even scheduled a Skype conversation for me with a German student.

Involvement in the community. I’m currently working as a CLC Student Ambassador. My job is to introduce new students to the college and give them tours and help them with their first year of college. I learned from this that helping other people is not something you should brag about or do because you hear that it is a good thing. Helping other people should be something you like to do because you give other people the feeling that you care about them. Besides that, it is a great way to get to know new people.