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Photo of Cindy Osorio

Degree or certificate program: A.A. in early childhood education, 2015. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate in May 2014. Took one semester of (English Language Instruction) ELI classes at CLC in 2011 before going into regular CLC classes.

Hometown: and country Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Currently lives in Buffalo Grove.

Interests and hobbies: Learning from other people and meeting new people every day. My second hobby is travel.

Cindy Osorio

I completed two years in college in my home country of Honduras, but I had to quit because I couldn’t afford school. I was 18 years old and living by myself, working during the day as a translator for $25 a month and taking college classes and studying at night. I was hungry and practically living in the streets. English was my only gift. I met an American couple I translated for, and they decided to help me go to school. They knew that CLC was a welcoming environment for international students, and they sponsored me and took me into their home.

At first I felt complete culture shock. I was scared and shy about my English, missed my family and didn’t understand the weather here. But I got involved in the International Club and that helped me escape the culture shock and feel comfortable.

Within my first year here, I was helping other international students as a student ambassador through the International Center. I have been the International Club president for two years, and I’m still helping students.

In my ELI classes I learned how to understand the English used in American college classes. In the ELI program, Joyce Gatto and Jill Bruellman were my instructors. After ELI, I went on to TESOL. Now, that I’m in practicum classes for TESOL, I observe how Joyce and Jill teach ELI.

I want to teach English in my country. Back in my country, I had a job for two years assisting in a preschool. I really enjoyed that. So I started taking early childhood education classes here. I want to work on my bachelor’s degree in teaching English and early childhood education. (In my country) I plan to get a job in a bilingual or English school.

My sponsors have helped me for three years, but I have decided to go home to Honduras in fall 2014. I will continue with online classes to finish my associate degree. I’m really thankful and learned so many things at CLC. I’m happy with all things I accomplished.