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Home country: Korea. Currently lives in Mount Prospect.

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate in Arts degree.

Field of Study: Hospitality and culinary management.

Dong Lee

What are your future educational and career goals? I have a dream and destination in life to be an owner-chef. I have plans that include graduation and gaining experience in office positions such as department of menu-marketing, purchasing, menu-development as manager and kitchen. To achieve my goal, I have set up short-term and long-term plans.

What do you find most exciting about being an international student? I can get an opportunity to see the world such as new outlooks, customs and activities in the new country where I never been before. Especially, I can experience new culture through the international exchange, because I take classes with peers who come from many different countries, which have different cultures. To socialize with them, I have to respect and understand their culture.

Why did I choose CLC? If I can get an associate degree, it will definitely change my whole life and give me various experiences that will help my life goal. CLC’s education program and curriculum is better than other community colleges.

Involvement in the community. I am involved with a Korean organization that helps senior citizens who are financially vulnerable and unable to afford healthcare receive the help they need and deserve. My role in this organization is to direct the elderly through the necessary channels and connect them to the proper doctors. I chose to help these people because I understand the hardships a medical issue can be for a person and their family.