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Photo of Julia Lackhova

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate in Arts.

Major: Business administration and management.

Hometown and country: Odessa, Ukraine. Currently lives in Lincolnshire.

Interests and hobbies: Traveling, dancing, tennis, biking, photography, collecting spoons from visited countries, experiencing new challenges.

Julia Lachkova

I had a dream to study in the US. I was 14 years old when I first visited America. I fell in love with this country, and since then I definitely knew where I wanted to study and work. I used to wonder what I could do to make my dream a reality.

My expectations were a tiny part of what I could imagine. Before coming to college I guessed what my life would be like in America. College showed me the bright colorful side of student life; it is totally different from what I used to do in my home country. I like every day and every moment spent here.

How dreams come true with CLC. Entering a four-year college was quite expensive for my family, that’s why my decision was to start with College of Lake County and then transfer to a university. In addition to an affordable price, the college atmosphere is very amicable and domestic.

My first work experience came with CLC. Six months after I visited the campus, I started working as an International Student Ambassador at the Center for International Education, which was the first place I visited before becoming a student. After I became a student, I could share my experience with others and help new students with better accommodations and to adapt to the college.

What do I like most about CLC? The Center of International Education has wonderfully responsive workers. I never found the door closed. They answered all my questions on how to help me prepare for my visa interview, fill out my form I-20 and other different papers, which are very important during my time to study in America. The institution helped me to realize that my dreams can come true and my goals are achievable. It rolled out the red carpet to my future life.

Why did I choose CLC? First of all, it is affordable for my family and me. Second, there is a marvelous environment in college: many ESL students, warm accommodation for the internationals, friendly professors and college workers. Indeed, not every institution can offer ELI classes, which are very important for students who are not native speakers.

My advice for prospective students. Don’t sit at home only doing your homework for the whole time; be active and take part in all events that you are interested in. Be positive and purposeful. Being a college student is not only about having good grades, but also having a well-rounded social life. It’s a good way to find friends and become closer with the college life.