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Hometown: South Korea. Currently lives in Vernon Hills

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate’s Degree (AAS)

Field of Study: Human Services

Jung Yun Hwang

What are your future educational and career goals? I would like to continue my education in the field that helps other people. I was hoping that degree classes in Human Services would solve the problems the society is currently facing. I’m currently a full time mom, but I would like to get a job helping other people once my son goes to college.

What do you find most challenging about being an international student? It’s been a major step up taking regular classes from ESL classes. It is very hard as I’m still struggling with my second language. My only skills and abilities to be a successful college student is that I have the devotion and motivation to learn. It is tough being a single mom studying and taking care of teenage son who had the same culture shock when we moved to the state almost 3 years ago. I have been successfully balancing my responsibilities to be a great mom and hardworking student. I am confident that I would earn my degree as planned.

Why did I choose CLC? When I came to the state to study from South Korea, I never thought that Illinois would be my second home. I have visited the West, East, and South and never felt it was right place until I finally settled here. CLC was the same for me, I have tried few other schools but never felt adequate enough to continue my study. I stated taking ESL classes for few years and I recognized that professors and teachers were the highest in quality among other community colleges in Illinois. I have started taking classes to supplement my education in human service.

What do you like the most about your major? Human services is basically about helping others. I do believe that advancement in technology made our life simpler but it also created a barrier between human to human contacts. I do my best to communicate with my son as often as possible to keep the good relationship. I want to learn more about how we can cope with this problem in the future.