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High School Partnerships

Information for High Schools

Did you know CLC students can study abroad in China for a semester? Or that qualifying students are guaranteed admission to the University of Illinois’ engineering program as juniors? Read on to learn more about these and other exciting CLC opportunities.

Semester or Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

CLC students and faculty study around the world on short-term and semester abroad programs.  Recent classes have traveled to Cuba, China, Japan and northern Europe. Study around the world.

Paths to an Engineering Career

Our Engineering Pathways partnership offers admission to the highly competitive engineering program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our National Science Foundation program offers scholarships to study engineering at CLC.

Honors Students Earn Thousands in Scholarships

High-achieving students have several honors options that can lead to transfer to prestigious institutions and thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Graduates Excel on Health Care Licensing Exams

CLC graduates continue to outperform national averages for pass rates on health care licensing exams.

Building Toward the Future in Science

We’re investing $24.9 million in new construction and improvements on the Grayslake Campus for our science programs. The project will include a new three-story building housing classrooms and labs for our engineering, photonics and chemistry programs and renovations in the C-Wing for new anatomy and physiology labs and classrooms plus a significant investment in new science equipment.  The project is part of our Sustainable Campus Master Plan.

Transfer and Careers: Our Core Programs

Did you know that CLC students continue their education at major universities across the nation, including Dartmouth, Georgetown, Northwestern and Yale? Or that our career program graduates earn an average annual salary of $38,000 within one year of graduating?

A Smart Path to a Bachelor’s Degree

Transfer Planning

Career Degrees and Certificates

Career Planning