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Your CLC Success Story


Abby Nierman
Carmel High School

(Class of 2013)

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate in Arts; business major.

CLC Graduation year: Spring 2015.

Transfer school: Either Fashion Institute of Technology (New York City) or DePaul University; majoring in entrepreneurship.

Hometown: Mundelein.

High school clubs and activities: photography club, art club, yearbook editor and photographer, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, National Honor Society.

Interests and hobbies: photography.

My two favorite classes at CLC have been Fundamentals of Speech and Principles of Marketing. The speech class had a diverse mix: kids still in high school, military veterans, a mom with five kids and a couple who just got married. It was fascinating to hear everyone’s take on each speech assignment.

The marketing class is one that I think about daily. Every Internet ad I scroll past, all the TV commercials I see and any online shopping purchase I make leads me back to what we learned in class.

One instructor who has made an impression on me is Jeff Varblow, my accounting teacher. Accounting is a tough subject, but he teaches with so much enthusiasm. His way of describing accounting moves beyond numbers and takes into account the bigger picture: relationships and working with people. I’ve walked out of that class with entirely new outlooks, from handling money to raising kids.

Getting perspectives from people who are in all stages of life is a real benefit at CLC. You have races, backgrounds and interests that are all over the spectrum. I’ve talked to someone who was in the military for a decade. Another person came from Hawaii. One day, I met a photographer in the digital photography lab who had four kids, a photo business and a full-time class schedule. She was amazing to talk to!

I enrolled at CLC to save money while deciding on my career goals, and I’ve been very impressed. The business classes, from marketing to accounting, all have instructors who have worked in industry and bring real-world examples to class. I love the class sizes at CLC; all teachers know my name, and the atmosphere is very personal and more of a discussion. I’ve compared CLC classes with ones at four-year schools where my friends are enrolled, and we cover the same topics. But as far as the tuition price, I’m the one on the good end.

Outside of class, there are TONS of activities and clubs to get involved in. I realized that it was my job to make my time at CLC the best it could be. My self-motivation has definitely improved, and I have become much more independent than when I started.

While attending CLC, I have been able to continue my job as a photographer. I used the skills I learned in business classes to make a marketing plan, promote my business online and communicate with people efficiently though emails and in person. My career goals have branched into the entrepreneurship area because of the independence I have discovered.