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Your CLC Success Story

Isaac Morales
Cristo Rey High School

(Class of 2008)

Degree at CLC: Associate in Arts, 2010.

Transfer school: University of Toledo first, then transferred to University of Illinois-Chicago’s College of Pharmacy.

Hometown: Waukegan, Ill.

High school clubs and activities: National Honor Society.

Interests and hobbies: Science and photography.

My favorite CLC class was General Chemistry I. After taking that class and realizing how much I enjoyed science, I was able to put the direction of my career into focus.

The instructor who really influenced me was Dr. Bruce Moy. During lectures and labs, he would put into perspective how the knowledge and skills we were learning could be used in various scientific fields and industries.

Outside of class, I was involved in Men of Vision and the Anime Club. I held officer positions in both clubs, and from both experiences, I learned leadership skills. Attending the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute conference with Men of Vision and Latino Alliance was memorable. The conference itself was great, but the conversations I had following the conference with other students definitely allowed me to think and grow as a person.

It was very easy to make new friends at CLC. Just by being involved, you get the chance to meet and work with a lot brilliant and passionate students. I also made friends in class either by working in groups or just helping them out in class if they had questions.

I became a student at CLC to really find what it is I am passionate about. I started out taking business classes, only to find that it wasn’t really for me. I took many classes in things I was curious about, and I was able to decide on a pharmacy career. CLC’s low tuition allowed me to slow down and be patient in exploring different careers.

CLC played a tremendous part in me choosing to go into pharmacy. Before I took General Chemistry, science courses intimidated me because of the perceived difficulty. A career in healthcare wasn’t really one I was considering. I only took General Chemistry because a science course with a lab was required for the Associate in Arts degree. I am really glad I took that chemistry course. Right now, my goals are to finish pharmacy school and become a board certified oncology pharmacist.

My advice for new CLC students is: Don’t feel that you need to rush through college. If you already know what you truly want to do for a career, it’s a blessing, because you’ll get through school that much quicker. However, look at what CLC offers in terms of activities, and if you see a class in the college catalog that looks interesting, just go for it. You won’t lose anything by taking that course—and it might open your mind to new ideas.